Tppo droppings in a kindergarten, classes suspended

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15 September 2021 10:00


Mouse droppings in the facility. For this reason, the school activity of a nursery school in Rome was suspended after the checks carried out by the carabinieri of the Nas in Rome. The discovery Tuesday morning, following a telephone report from a parent. The military personnel of the Arma, in collaboration with the staff of the Sanitation and Public Health Service of ASL Roma 3, carried out an inspection at a municipal preschool, ascertaining the widespread presence of rodent droppings inside some classrooms.

At the end of the checks carried out by the Roman anti-sophistication nucleus, in synergy with the health staff of the ASL, the school director ordered the immediate suspension of the didactic activities to allow the sanitation and disinfestation operations of all the premises of the school complex subject to control .

Constant, it should be remembered, is the monitoring activity that is carried out by the Nas Carabinieri throughout the national territory, in schools of all levels, public and private, from kindergartens to high schools, aimed at ascertaining the regularity of the services provided. , to verify the hygiene conditions in the premises, the conservation and processing of food, the compliance of the menus with the contractual clauses provided for in the tender specifications, the quality and healthiness of the dishes administered, as well as the regularity of the workers employed and the possession the expected professional qualifications.


Tppo droppings kindergarten classes suspended

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