Crushed against a wall, then the stranger rapes her: “Here is the Milan of Sala”

Crushed against a wall, then the stranger rapes her: “Here is the Milan of Sala”
Crushed against a wall, then the stranger rapes her: “Here is the Milan of Sala”

He grabbed her by the arm and, after putting her to the wall, he groped her in the private parts. It is the dramatic synthesis of the attempted rape against a young woman barista, outside a club in the Niguarda district, in Milan. According to what the victim told the police, the attacker would be one foreign about 25 years old who, at the moment, has not yet been intercepted. Investigators are sifting through the footage from city surveillance cameras to profile the unknown. “Yet another rape in Sala’s Milan“, the Northern League exponent commented on the dramatic episode Silvia Sardone. On 25 August, a woman was raped by an illegal immigrant near the San Raffaele hospital.

The attempted rape at the end of the shift

According to what is learned from Corriere della Sera, the violence it was consumed around 10 pm, in via Ornato, in the Niguarda district of Milan. The victim, a 30-year-old, was returning home from work when she was surprised by the stranger from behind. As she walked along the street she usually takes every night, the young woman was grabbed by the arm and pushed to the wall. Certain that he could act undisturbed because of the late hour, the attacker had no mercy: he tried to take off her panties only to then groped her in the private parts.

The rescue and the shock story

a nightmare a few minutes lasted an eternity. Screaming and waving, the bartender managed to free herself, putting the stranger on the run. Terrified, she then phoned 112: the call was forwarded to the police who requested the intervention of an ambulance at the place of the report. Accompanied to the Mangiagalli clinic in a state of shock, the victim reported the details of the attack, retracing those dramatic moments to the second.

The aggressor

According to what the 30-year-old told the policemen of the flying cars and the Greco-Turro police station, the attacker would be one foreign about 25 years old. He wore “a red shirt and dark pants“. The investigators are hunting him but, at the moment, they have not yet managed to track him down. Being an abandoned area in the Niguarda district, it is very likely that the stranger fled through the city park without leaving traces of his ride.

“Yet another violence in the Milan of Sala”

She intervened on the dramatic story Silvia Sardone, MEP and municipal councilor of the League. “In via Ornato, in the Niguarda district, a young barmaid was crushed against the wall and touched in the private parts by a fool described as a black foreigner: yet another sexual violence, after the one in August in Cascina Gobba, in Beppe’s welcoming Milan Sala, the radical chic mayor who we hope will soon remove the disturbance. – commented the Northern League exponent – Where are the leftist feminists? Have they lost their word? Instead of thinking about feminine endings to be included in municipal regulations why don’t they deal a little more with women’s safety? I express my closeness to the attacked girl, with the hope that the police will take this ‘man’ as soon as possible. It is clear that if at ten in the evening, in the middle of the street, a similar episode happens, there is only one explanation: that is that the criminals in Milan know they have an easy life and this thanks to the laxity and do-goodness of the left.”.

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