Milan, new incentives for low-emission cars and motorcycles

Milan, new incentives for low-emission cars and motorcycles
Milan, new incentives for low-emission cars and motorcycles

The Municipality of Milan has relaunched the bonus dedicated to the purchase of low environmental impact cars and motorcycles; the administration has announced that in the next few days the announcement will be published on the official website of the Municipality with all the details to access it. The fund available for incentives is 3 million euros and the call is limited to adult citizens residing in Milan only.

Considering the small amount, it is likely that the fund will run out in a very short time. Should they not be consumed in a few days, they will remain available until 31 December 2021 and obviously cumulative with the national ones provided by the Government. The objective of the mayor is to renew the fleet, both in terms of cars and motorcycles. The new incentives follow those offered in 2020 which allowed the scrapping of 794 vehicles and the registration of almost 1,800 new vehicles with low environmental impact (689 hybrid, electric, bi-fuel cars, 230 electric scooters, 842 bikes and 30 electric cargo vehicles).

At present there are not many details about it but it will concern hybrid cars (of any nature, including diesel), electric, hydrogen or bifuel (methane and LPG) cars.

To access the contributions for the purchase of hybrid vehicles (electric / petrol and electric / diesel), electric, hydrogen, bifuel, private individuals must provide for the radiation for the demolition of a petrol-powered passenger transport vehicle up to Euro 3 included. or diesel up to Euro 6 included. The contribution is reduced by 20% for those who do not scrape and choose instead to provide for the simultaneous radiation for export abroad of a Euro 5 and 6 diesel passenger transport vehicle.

For electric two-wheelers, on the other hand, there is a contribution of 60% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

The purchase of a new electric motor vehicle or moped was also encouraged with a contribution equal to 60% of the total cost and up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros provided that there is the simultaneous demolition of a petrol-powered passenger vehicle up to 3 euros or diesel up to Euro 6 or if the same vehicle is intended for export (diesel Euro 5 and 6 only), or the radiation of a two-stroke motor vehicle or moped up to Euro 3 inclusive, four-stroke petrol up to Euro 2 included. Contribution also without the obligation of radiation of an old vehicle, but equal to 40% of the total cost and up to a maximum of 1.8 thousand euros for the purchase of a new motor vehicle or moped.


Milan incentives lowemission cars motorcycles

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