“Things that the fascists did” – Libero Quotidiano

“Things that the fascists did” – Libero Quotidiano
“Things that the fascists did” – Libero Quotidiano

Guest every other day as well Lilli Gruber, a Eight and a half, on La7, professor Tomaso Montanari accused once again Giorgia Meloni on the controversy regarding the sinkhole. In the episode of last night, September 14, the prof thundered: “Meloni said that I must be stopped and that I must be resigned as rector of the University of Siena. This thing was done by the fascists”. “We also discuss Montanari laically …”, the teacher tries to intervene …. but the presenter stops her because the program is about to close and she has to advertise the new book by Montanari …

Always the Half past eight the professor had replied on the controversy of the summer regarding his position on Foibe: “I am not a denier, is a slander. I criticized the instrumental use made of it by the right, still fascist in our country. I am not a communist, I am a democratic Catholic but it is a fact that the Communists wrote the Constitution “, Montanari insisted.” In recent years, however, we have tried to rewrite history “.

The professor answered him live on Foibe and on post-war history Sofia Ventura: “The history of 1945-46, written by those who had won, can no longer be touched. It is frozen. The Communists participated in the Constitution, but they were not the only ones. This is what I contest”.

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