Accenture inaugurates its new headquarters in the tower on via Bonnet in Milan

Accenture inaugurates its new headquarters in the tower on via Bonnet in Milan
Accenture inaugurates its new headquarters in the tower on via Bonnet in Milan

Accenture inaugurated the new corporate center in via Bonnet, in the heart of the Porta Nuova business district. A 20-story tower e 15,000 square meters, designed and built through an integral regeneration of the existing tower and adjacent areas, according to criteria of sustainability e safety.

With the Forward building program, 360 million euros have been invested in Italy so far

This is the first stage of the program Forward building started by Accenture in 2019, with a overall investment in Italy from 360 million from euro e 70,000 square meters of new spaces, aimed at rethinking and redesigning professional spaces to favor a flexible working model and at the same time reaffirm the centrality of space for those who will attend it through areas for informal meetings, creative environments and experiential centers where they can immerse themselves in new technologies and host brainstorming and design thinking.

“We strongly believed in the Forward Building program, confirmed despite the pandemic. For us it represents a real paradigm shift in conceiving the professional experience, where technology is at the service of human capital so that it can express its full potential and be able to embrace change. This is one of the values ​​that Accenture firmly believes in, ”he commented Fabio Benasso, president of Accenture Italy. “The new building, designed according to the most modern sustainability criteria, also allowed us to redevelop an important area for the city of Milan and thus contribute to further development of the business district for the benefit of the community, for us one fundamental stakeholder. We believe it represents a positive signal for the restart of the city of Milan and of the whole country system ”.

“It is an emotion to be able to inaugurate today this new headquarters where finally, after a long period of remote work, our talents will be able to return to meet safely, collaborate and share experiences, in a creative, stimulating and innovative environment”, he declared Mauro Macchi, CEO of Accenture Italy. “This inauguration represents for us a fundamental step on the path undertaken several years ago towards a full modernization of the professional experience that requires adequate spaces and tools in line with the new scenario and the changing needs of people. This is why we are proud to open the doors of our new Milanese home, which will soon be followed by Milanofiori and Rome, and to make our vision of the company of tomorrow available to our people and the entire national ecosystem. “

“Milan continues to grow – said the mayor Giuseppe Sala – it does it in a beautiful and sustainable and evident way. Modern and highly technological architectures that have been redesigning the increasingly international skyline of the city for a decade now. Today, once the project is finished, we inaugurate the Accenture Tower, here in the center of Porta Nuova, now considered the new business district of Milan. It is a new great result, a step forward in the regeneration program of the city which, even in the period of the pandemic, has responded to the expectations of those who have invested and worked to achieve the goal in time “.

“Today’s inauguration is a demonstration of the resilience capacity of the Lombardy Region’s productive fabric and an important signal for a restart. Innovation and technology transfer are the main tools – as indicated in the three-year Strategic Program of the Lombardy Region – to promote research and innovation to support small and medium-sized enterprises and to respond to the needs of the territory. With this in mind, an innovative company like Accenture plays an important role in transferring the technological and digital skills that businesses need to SMEs and other supply chains as well “he declared. Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Region.

“This is an important day for Accenture but also for our entire territory – he commented Alessandro Spada, president of Assolombarda -, because today it opens a new space that focuses on collaboration between companies, universities and associations and the exchange of experiences, ideas, skills to accelerate innovation in our companies and find solutions to common challenges together. But investing in innovation also and above all means investing in training, without which there is no innovation and there is no future. For this reason, we have been working with Accenture for some time to accelerate this cultural change, through training projects to promote scientific disciplines and digitization. And contribute to building a knowledge economy, which is the main tool for increasing the well-being of the country and that of the “next generation”.

The tower in via Bonnet, redeveloped by the property Coima Sgr S.p.a, has been designed in terms of sustainability allowing to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the reference building, using materials based on the principle of circular economy in real estate development and renewable sources that cover 65% of the building’s energy needs . In addition, a network of over 5,000 IoT (Internet of Things) sensors allows you to monitor internal environmental parameters, automatically calibrating temperature, lights, etc. to ensure the best conditions of comfort for users and energy savings.

“With the elimination of the fence that divided the complex from the rest of the neighborhood and the creation of new pedestrian spaces open to the public, Corso Como Place returns an important block to the city, representing the card that reconnects the public areas around the Feltrinelli Foundation, recently inaugurated , in Piazza Gae Aulenti. From here, also through the public spaces of BAM and the upcoming developments of Porta Nuova Gioia, a single cycle-pedestrian floor can be created with an extension of over 200,000 square meters, larger than the Milan Public Gardens. Accenture’s sensitivity in contributing to urban innovation has favored the development of a virtuous collaboration with Coima which led to the creation of an innovative building, which places Milan on the map of the most advanced cities in technological and territorial experimentation worldwide “, he declared Manfredi Catella, founder & ceo di Coima Sgr.

The corporate center in via Bonnet in Milan is one of the three key projects del programma Forward building.

Then it will be the turn of the new headquarters of Rome Shanghai and that of Milanofiori Nord, ready respectively in the autumn 2021 e during spring 2022. Furthermore, further targeted actions have already been carried out and will follow on the other Italian offices of Accenture, to promote a consistent experience throughout the national territory.

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