“Roma want the stadium in the Ostiense area”

“Roma want the stadium in the Ostiense area”
“Roma want the stadium in the Ostiense area”

Maurizio Costanzo, responsible for the communication strategies of the Roma, spoke to the broadcast microphones Radio Radio Sport to talk about the new stadium that the Giallorossi club intends to build and other company initiatives.

«The radios must be the link between the team and the fans. I wish there was an exchange of news to inform the fans. As for Mourinho we are close to sanctification», He began speaking of the new Portuguese coach.

«Regarding the stadium I agree with Fienga. It must be an easily accessible facility. Fans have to live 7 days a week at the stadium, not just on match day. Any mayor will be elected will have to make the Roma stadium immediately because people will remember him», Costanzo explained.

Then, regarding the possibility that the Friedkins also expose themselves on some issues, Costanzo said: “I only heard their voice once when I met them. They are responding to silence with facts though. I understand the curiosity but the previous overseas have not worked so much».

Finally, a joke on the area identified by Rome for the construction of the plant that will become the new Giallorossi home: “The area identified by the company is Ostiense because it is easily accessible and close to services».


Roma stadium Ostiense area

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