Rome, fifty kilos of cocaine around in two small cars

Rome, fifty kilos of cocaine around in two small cars
Rome, fifty kilos of cocaine around in two small cars

A river of drugs ready to invade the drug dealing squares, especially those of Fidene, Tufello and San Basilio. A mega business run by a single criminal organization.
Not only. As in the television series Miami Vice, cocaine was transported aboard small cars so as not to attract attention: desperate people driving, in need of money, enlisted as couriers and now facing decades in prison.
Fifty kilos of pure cocaine, is the load that the drug traffickers were moving from the Borghesiana to another depot where it would soon be distributed. The maxi kidnapping, carried out by the detectives of the Fidene Serpentara police district, also brought in handcuffs the 41-year-old Walter Bongarzone: the one who was carrying out the transshipment of the drug from one car to another. The arrested man, with a small criminal record and a resident of the coast, was on board a Micra near a parked Yaris (used as a mobile depot). He opened it and started moving the packages from one machine to another. At that point the agents intervened and blocked him. A total of 46 sticks of pure cocaine were found in the two small cars which, shortly thereafter, would have been sold to other middle-level drug dealers.
Most of the coca bricks, branded with the initials BIO, were clearly visible in the hood, while in the Yaris the dealer was carefully hiding them. Evidently because that would be the car that had to go around the city in order to supply the wholesalers.
This is the third massive drug seizure by the Fidene police, after the one carried out in an Escape Rom and that last July (over 70 kilos of cocaine) which took place at the Fiano Romano toll booth where a 36-year-old hired as a courier and transporter of the bosses was arrested. of drug trafficking in action in the capital.

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Rome fifty kilos cocaine small cars

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