“Advice? Useless hybrid. And the new ruling class has not grown “- Corriere.it

“Advice? Useless hybrid. And the new ruling class has not grown “- Corriere.it
“Advice? Useless hybrid. And the new ruling class has not grown “- Corriere.it

“After 10 years, I’m either the mayor or I’m leaving.” He smiles slyly Franco D’Alfonso, father of the oranges and author, together with the late Emilio Genovesi, of the Riformista list that holds together Civic Action, Living Italy and Action. Mayor at least in this round no. So, after 5 years as councilor with Pisapia and 5 as councilor D’Alfonso says goodbye to Palazzo Marino.

«Because 10 years have passed and it is the end of a cycle. I gave what I could, I was the commissioner, the managing director, the city councilor. This is the reason. We must give way to a new ruling class that should have been formed in these 10 years but which has not formed as well as it was thought. The solution, however, is not to keep the old guard ”.

Are there other reasons?
«The City Council is no longer the place of politics for various reasons. The Municipality has always had institutional limits that were overcome thanks to political action, throwing the heart over the obstacle. The outgoing Council was unable to do so and everything remained in the hands of the mayor. This is true for the majority but even more so for the opposition which was zero ”.

A question of people or a too centralized mayor?
“Both things. The councilors were unable to make their voices heard and on the other side Sala gave his advice as an “inexperienced” politician. Probably he started considering the Council as an encumbrance and consequently he did not feel the need and did not ask for it ».

Is the city council able to determine important choices for the city or not?
“No it is not. Meanwhile, because the law that gave power to the mayor combined with the growth of the municipalities has made the Council a useless hybrid. Who does the counselor represent? What preferences did he take? Then it represents much more a municipality president who at least is territorially rooted. Then the councilors are tied hand and foot to the mayor. They can’t disagree because otherwise the mayor pushes the button and sends them home. A system created to overcome the quarrels of the first republic gave authority to the mayor but took it away from the council. We need a model like that of the districts in New York ».

He seems to agree with Vittorio Feltri who said in a colorful way that the councilors do nothing.
“Absolutely not, because at least the Council should be used to gain experience. The idea that one arrives in institutions without taking the cursus honorum is profoundly wrong. In the Council you learn ».

Is yours also a farewell to politics?
“For nothing. There is a theme of general restructuring of politics that cannot start from top-down operations but from a local push. In Milan, the evolution of the orange movement is able to put together the different moments and represent Milan in the country. This is what we are doing in Milan with the operation of the reformist list and we are replicating it in other cities. He can give an address to the center-left deployment and avoid the cock war also because if after this Renzi and Calenda fight over who is the boss, it closes tomorrow ».

What would be a good result on the list to get the car going?
“Above 7 percent”

What will D’Alfonso do the day after the elections?
“The president of the De Amicis club with the intention of making it the driving force of the reformist project.”

De Amicis socialist cradle. Yet the socialists present themselves with their candidate and their symbol.
“In the meantime, I’m here, but let’s not confuse the theme of socialism with the problem of the socialists. In our list there is a lot of socialist culture but there is no claim of the flag, the one that sent us upside down ».

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Advice Useless hybrid ruling class grown Corriereit

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