it could be a blood robbery

15 September 2021 08:30

The victim was found on the ground, lifeless, in the kitchenette of his apartment. Family members sounded the alarm to the police

The alarm

When the police arrived at the scene, they had to ask for the intervention of the fire brigade to break down the front door and enter. The old lady lived alone, in a small apartment in the basement of a building not far from the prison of the capital. So the agents found the 81-year-old’s body in a pool of blood in the dark kitchen of the house, with wounds of different sizes that will be an autopsy to ascertain with which type of knife they were caused.

For now the charge is of voluntary homicide

The Public Prosecutor’s Office was immediately alerted, with the prosecutor on duty Claudio Pinto who made an inspection together with the coroner of the Bari Polyclinic, Francesco Introna. The investigators have no doubts about the hypothesis of a crime, currently against unknown persons: voluntary homicide. The forensic examinations will also have to clarify when the death dates back, thus helping to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts: that is, whether the murder took place today or, as the conditions of the body imply, a couple of days ago.

Maybe a robbery The Bari mobile team investigates the case with the scientific police for technical surveys. The agents are also checking if something is missing in the house, to confirm one of the hypotheses currently being examined by the investigators, that of the theft or robbery ended in tragedy.

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