On the obligation to green pass Draghi is not afraid of tears with the League: that’s why- Corriere.it

On the obligation to green pass Draghi is not afraid of tears with the League: that’s why- Corriere.it
On the obligation to green pass Draghi is not afraid of tears with the League: that’s why- Corriere.it
from Monica Guerzoni

From the regulatory point of view, the decree to extend the green pass still has several issues to be solved: and if this is not achieved by Thursday, it will still proceed with the employees of the public. But from a political point of view Draghi decided to give a signal

From the regulatory point of view, the provision is very complex and still presents several question marks. But on the political level, the negotiations for the extension of the mandatory green pass to the world of work are proceeding and Mario Draghi is determined to get another go-ahead from the Council of Ministers this week. Even if the meeting has not yet been called, as is the control room with the heads of delegation, government officials have the CDM on their agenda for tomorrow, which should take place without particular fibrillation. The League remains divided, but to say it with a minister the market does not believe in major tensionsto. Proof of it is that it is spread between Italian and German stocks dropped below 100 basis points.

The issue with which Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti spoke about the green pass for all workers on Monday was read as an internal signal to the League. It took days, but the party regrouped on the line of the governors, then that of Draghi. The premier left a Matteo Salvini the time to reposition, of get away from the cries of the no vax (and of the honorable Borghi) and to converge on the s to the vaccination certificate. Even yesterday the leader declared that the green pass should be used in a limited way, but the voices at the top of the party say that there will be no tears, nor parliamentary maneuvers. In short, the braking of Palazzo Chigi served, at least from a political point of view. And if behind the scenes the work has never stopped because, as a member of the executive who holds the dossier recalls, Draghi had told Salvini that he would go on.

And now we are, proof of this is the fact that of the 103 amendments to the previous decree that arrived in the Senate chamber not even one signed by senators of the League. Except for twists, the Carroccio team will give the okay in the Council of Ministers, as Pd, Leu and Forza Italia will do with conviction. Mara Carfagna perfectly agrees, according to the minister for the South, the mandatory certificate is not a straitjacket. The Minister of Health of Leu, Roberto Speranza, is looking forward to its approval and the ministers of the M5S are also ready to vote on the decree, albeit with less enthusiasm.

Andrea Orlando confirms that we are moving forward quickly towards an extension of the green pass. The Minister of Labor assures that he is not afraid of backtracking from the League, what the virus curve rather scares him: What worries me most is a resurgence of the virus, we must do everything to avoid it. The instrument is a decree, which Draghi would like immediately and as broad as possible: a super green certificate for public and private work. A solution for which the minister is pressing Renato Brunetta, convinced that legislating step by step (and by exceptions) risks tangling the matter. If not in time to untie all the knots by tomorrow, despite the meetings that are held at all hours in the undersecretary’s room Roberto Garofoli, plan B to postpone the private sector and proceed with the employees of the Public Administration and the workers of the indoor activities where the green pass is already required from customers, such as restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, theaters, sports facilities.

The problems on which technicians and politicians have been puzzling for days concern the perimeter of the Public Administration and the categories of workers who will be interested in the new provision. If on the school it has been decided to apply the obligation to all those who access the institutions (students excluded), for civil servants this criterion cannot be applied. And so the government is currently oriented to leave users out of the decree.

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