“The obligation to greenpass is a cowardly policy” Video

An alternative to the left of the mayor Beppe Sala, but also to a center-right who “failed to field a proposal with some attributes”. Thus Gianluigi Paragone, former spokesman for the Lega-5 Stelle government, takes the field for the administrative elections of 3-4 October, running for mayor of Milan.

“I apologize to Sala and Bernardo if I wake them from their political torpor – Paragone begins during the presentation of the ‘Milan Paragone Mayor’ and ‘Great North’ lists – We want to be the ones who break the boxes both at Palazzo Marino (seat of the municipal council, ed) and in the neighborhoods. Our program can only start from the theme of security, because we no longer want Milan to have free zones where crime is rampant. I want to be the mayor who will guarantee safety to all citizens, from Corvetto to piazzale Selinunte, and which gives certainty to merchants tried by the crisis. I want to be the mayor who will abolish Area C and Area B, putting an end to this fake environmental policy that only thinks of vertical forests “.

The position on the vaccination obligation and on the greenpass is also clear: “I have always said that I do not vaccinate and I will not vaccinate, because I do not trust what they are telling us about the vaccine. Consequently I think that the greenpass is a real one. cowardly politics that does nothing but create divisions and discrimination. Tampons, for me, are the only solution against Covid “.


obligation greenpass cowardly policy Video

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