they beat him and break his cell phone

they beat him and break his cell phone
they beat him and break his cell phone

I had scolded two men they were throwing rubble in the street. They, in response, have it beaten up and they have it broken cell phone. It happened two nights ago in Roma.

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It was 9.30 pm on Sunday evening when, in via del Trullo, the Roman citizen had surprised two men unloading rubble and waste materials in the street. After scolding them and photographing their car, the two attacked him with kicks and punches, snatching his mobile phone from his hand and throwing it from the runaway car. The man, an Italian living in the area, had to resort to the medical care of the emergency room of the San Camillo hospital in Rome and will be fine in 5 days. The Carabinieri of the Rome Trullo Station investigate the episode.

“I want to express, in the name of Ama and in a personal capacity, the utmost solidarity with the Roman citizen who, two days ago, was the victim of a brutal physical attack while he was photographing and documenting an illegal dumping of waste in via del Trullo with his phone . In thanking this person for the exemplary civic sense shown, I strongly condemn such a cowardly and reprehensible act, hoping that those responsible will be identified and brought to justice as soon as possible. Illegal spills of all sorts of materials unfortunately continue to represent a daily outrage to the decorum of our neighborhoods which, among other things, engages Ama in costly removal operations whose costs inevitably fall on the whole community. These uncivil conduct, in this case even resulted in violence, must be opposed and for this I once again appeal to the collaboration of all Romans ». This was stated in a note by the Sole Administrator of Ama, Stefano Zaghis.

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beat break cell phone

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