how and with whom they catch him – Libero Quotidiano

how and with whom they catch him – Libero Quotidiano
how and with whom they catch him – Libero Quotidiano

Rocco Casalino is causing a lot of discussion after posting a private photo in the company of a woman. Without adding any comments. The former spokesman of Giuseppe Conte, in fact, sees himself embraced with a beautiful brunette who is very sensual and bursting with beauty. Someone, report The weather, thinks there is some trick underneath. In reality, it would be a friend and Casalino’s sexual tastes would not have changed at all.

Among the comments on the photo they read of merciless and at least confused: “Did you go to the surgeon?”, “What is that?”, “Have you changed sides?”. In fact, it seems to be just a female company.

A month ago the news came out that the story between Rocco Casalino and the Cuban boyfriend Josè Carlos Alvarez would end badly. The former spokesman of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, for a three-year eminence gray of Palazzo Chigi and one of the most powerful and feared men in Italian politics (a big leap for a former competitor of Big Brother) by some he carried on the relationship for the very troubled truth with the Caribbean sculptor, who gave him a lot of personal headaches between one push-and-pull and the next.

Rocco Casalino is single again. There are rumors – continues the political gossip site founded and directed by Roberto D’Agostino – of a break between Conte’s former cross-holder and the Cuban boyfriend. “Reason? A very unromantic” Question of money “.

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