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next TEMPORAL WEEKEND in different areas of Italy, here are the REGIONS at risk «3B Meteo

next TEMPORAL WEEKEND in different areas of Italy, here are the REGIONS at risk «3B Meteo
next TEMPORAL WEEKEND in different areas of Italy, here are the REGIONS at risk «3B Meteo

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Meteo weekend

ANTI-CYCLONE IN DECLINE. Already in the day of Friday the weakening of the anticyclone on the central Mediterranean will cause a certain increase in instability up to the central regions, especially on the Tyrrhenian side. But over the weekend there will be a new threat coming from the North Atlantic. It will be a low pressure area on Saturday between the United Kingdom and northwestern France, on Sunday moving between France and the Alps. This will result in a new one deterioration of the weather Saturday on the northern regions, but with partial involvement also of the Center, which has just emerged from the instability on Friday. Sunday other thunderstorms in the North, even strong, albeit in the process of improvement, but with the involvement of part of Central-Southern Italy as well. And in this context, temperatures will drop again, especially in the Center-North. But let’s see in more detail:

WEATHER SATURDAY. It will probably be an unstable day in the North on the central-eastern Alps and Levante Ligure with rains and showers, including thunderstorms, but during the day, instability will also increase in the rest of the Alps and in the Apennine areas with frequent rains and thunderstorms encroaching on the Po Valley. Residual instability also in the Center at the beginning of the day but with attenuating phenomena, however a certain variability would remain during the day with the possibility of still some rain on inland areas, better conditions in the South with sunnier weather. Falling temperatures in the Center-North.

WEATHER SUNDAY. Rains and thunderstorms, even strong, in transit from the Northwest towards the Triveneto, locally hail, but with a tendency to ready openings from the west where it will go towards wide clearings. Variability in the Center-South with some showers or thunderstorms especially from the afternoon on the peninsular areas. Temperatures would also drop in the South, while they recover a few degrees in the Center-North.

ATTENTION. Given the temporal distance and the still rather chaotic situation, the trend could change in the coming days. We therefore advise you to follow the next updates.

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