Guerci, a dissident from Forza Italia, confirms his support for Cuttica

Guerci, a dissident from Forza Italia, confirms his support for Cuttica
Guerci, a dissident from Forza Italia, confirms his support for Cuttica

ALEXANDRIA – He left first Come on Italy to join “Together with the Center”Together with five other colleagues, one “Difficult choice” is due “To indifference and indifference” received. The city councilor Federico Guerci, But, he also wanted to distance himself from his neighbors on the bench, moving to the Mixed Group, not sharing the strategy of the new political entity. To create havoc by calling for a reshuffle of the Cuttica junta is, in my opinion, irresponsible Guerci remarked to the microphones of Radio Gold “I left Forza Italia but I don’t want to create problems for an already suffering administration, we have to look at the interests of the citizens and certainly not “ask for the head” of this or that councilor “.

The center-right councilor thus confirmed his full support for the majority and the Giunta Cuttica. “Then I didn’t like the ex-mayor Piercarlo Fabbio speaking on my behalf. I state that I have nothing against him, he was my mayor, I recognize him great skills and I do not allow myself to judge him with respect to legal matters. Immediately, with the other five members of the group, I made it clear that my choice to leave Forza Italia stemmed from an ethical and moral question. I can’t compromise on my values ​​”.

Guerci then explained the reasons that led him to leave Berlusconi’s party: “I carried out my administrative function with pride and dedication, despite the approximate participation of a party that in fact glorified itself in the past, losing sight of its future. From a certain point forward, I felt a sort of indifference and indifference by the councilors and the party leadership; never a phone call, advice, support. I could submit multiple examples, but the most disappointing was the question Municipal swimming pool of Lungo Tanaro S. Martino, a battle that lasted years, marked by interpellations and motions that cost a lot of time and effort, and then find themselves fighting alone. Learning the lesson was hard, so many promises and good intentions, but finding closed doors was mortifying. The “irrevocable decisions” imposed by the Regional Coordinator Zangrillo, clarify how the city councilors are nothing more than pawns, aimed at tacitly accepting what has been agreed behind the scenes “.

My future? For sure my intention is return to be part of a party. Fratelli d’Italia and Lega belong to my area, I will think about it well and choose the party that best reflects my ideas and to which I will feel closest “ Guerci concluded.


Guerci dissident Forza Italia confirms support Cuttica

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