Rome, at the bar without a green pass, attacks the carabinieri

Tuesday 14 September 2021 – 15:02

Rome, at the bar without a green pass, attacks the carabinieri

Army soldiers arrest Nigerian in Guidonia

Rome, 14 Sept. (askanews) – First the failure to comply with the anti Covid 19 rules. Then resistance and injury to a public official. This is the whole morning of a 39-year-old Nigerian immigrant who was arrested by the carabinieri of the mobile radio section of the Tivoli company.

The military was called out by a bartender. When the men of the Arma approached to understand what was happening, the woman explained that a man had sat inside that room in Guidonia who had opposed a clear refusal to his request to exhibit the “green-pass”.

Furthermore, the subject in question had insulted the girl. As soon as the patrol entered the bar, he went into a rage and threw himself at a soldier, attacking him. After a brief struggle, the 33-year-old was handcuffed and arrested. The immigrant, after being brought back to calm, was accompanied to the barracks where he was held in the security rooms, at the disposal of the judicial authorities.



Rome bar green pass attacks carabinieri

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