The Harry Potter village exists, and it is in Italy

The Harry Potter village exists, and it is in Italy
The Harry Potter village exists, and it is in Italy

You don’t have to go to England to discover Harry Potter’s village. At the Fortress of Lonato del Garda, in the province of Brescia, the place where one of the characters most loved by children (and not only) lives has been recreated.

The fairytale setting of the castle overlooking the town, with the drawbridge and the mighty crenellated walls, is the perfect setting for learning the occult arts of the Harry Potter saga. On the occasion of the Fantastic Day at the Harry Potter Village, an outdoor event held in autumn, ten stations are set up where the characters of the saga will reveal tricks and magic, teach how to make spells and potions, defend themselves from the dark arts, the rules of the game Quidditch.

In the large green spaces of the Rocca, children will find thematic photo sets, magic shows, speeches by the Sorting Hat and Quidditch matches. They will come across mythical places of the saga, such as the Potions classroom, the Headmaster’s study, the house of the Gamekeeper Half-Giant, they will attend the delivery of the Diplomas and in the Market of wizards, or the “Diagon Alley”, will be able to find themed games and gadgets, from magic wands, to ties, tunics, flying brooms, scarves of the Four Houses, wizard hats and books of magic.

Built starting from the 10th century, the Rocca di Lonato has always been considered strategic from a defensive and military point of view. It stands on the top of one of the elevations of the amphitheater that dominates the southern part of Lake Garda and, from the top, you can enjoy an incomparable view. It is one of the most impressive fortresses in all of Lombardy.

Today, it is owned by the Ugo Da Como Foundation which owned it and is a National Monument. In addition to being visited inside, where the Podestà Library House Museum, the furnished rooms, the historical library and the private gardens are located, it is also home to public events like this one.

The Fortress of Lonato in the province of Brescia

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