Weak markets. Milan dodges sales

(Teleborsa) – The financial session of the European stock exchanges moves downwards, while Piazza Affari resists the wind of sales.

Substantially stable theEuro / US dollar, which continues the session on the eve of the levels and stops at 1.181. L’Oro maintains its position substantially stable at $ 1,793.5 per ounce. Petroleum (Light Sweet Crude Oil) shows a fractional gain of 0.58%.

Consolidate the levels of the eve it spread, settling at +102 basis points, with the yield of the ten-year BTP standing at 0.69%.

Among the main European stock exchanges without momentum Frankfurt, which trades with a -0.08%, is sluggish London, which shows a small decrease of 0.40%, and modest decline for Paris, which yields a small -0.67%.

The Milan Stock Exchange stops on parity, with the FTSE MIB which stands at 25,952 points; on the same line, colorless the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the session at 28,520 points, on the eve of the day.

In fractional decline the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.58%); on the levels of the eve on FTSE Italia Star (-0,14%).

Top of the ranking of the most important titles of Milan, we find Banca Generali (+1,72%), Stellantis (+0,97%), Amplifon (+0,87%) e Ferrari (+0,84%).

The worst performances, on the other hand, are recorded on Unipol, which gets -0.96%.

Thoughtful Moncler, with a fractional decline of 0.95%.

He hesitates Enel, with a modest fall of 0.63%.

Lazy day for Recordati, which marks a decrease of 0.53%.

Between best stocks in the FTSE MidCap, Sanlorenzo (+1,55%), Bff Bank (+1,31%), La Doria (+1,28%) e Reply (+1,07%).

The strongest declines, however, occur on De ‘Longhi, which continues the session with -8.54%.

Sales with full hands up than, which suffers a decrease of 6.07%.

Carel Industries drops by 1.62%.

Decline for Salcef Group, which marks a -1.39%.

Among macroeconomic appointments which will have the greatest influence on market trends:

Tuesday 14/09/2021
06:30 Japan: Industrial production, monthly (expected -1.5%; previous 6.5%)
08:00 UK: Unemployment benefits claims (formerly -48.9K units)
08:00 UK: Unemployment rate (expected 4.6%; previous 4.7%)
09:00 Spain: Consumption prices, annual (expected 3.3%; previous 2.9%)
09:00 Spain: Consumption prices, monthly (expected 0.4%; previous -0.8%)
14:30 USA: Consumption prices, annual (5.3% expected; 5.4% before)
14:30 USA: Consumption prices, monthly (expected 0.4%; previous 0.5%).

(Teleborsa) 14-09-2021 09:30

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