Rome, PICS Local Police group dissolved. The declarations of the SULPL

Rome, PICS Local Police group dissolved. The declarations of the SULPL
Rome, PICS Local Police group dissolved. The declarations of the SULPL

Below, the statements of the Unitary Union of Local Police Workers.

Milani (SULPL): “The Corps needs a new and shared order, not impromptu decisions taken one month after the election”

“With a provision dated 13/09, the Commander General of the Corps, Dr. Ugo Angeloni, announces that he has dissolved the PICS Local Police Group (Emergency Response Center Historic Center), five decades away from its establishment.

The SULPL (Unitary Union of Local Police Workers) intervened on the subject, which in a note by the Roman Deputy Secretary Marco Milani declared: “Beyond the assessments of merit, on the suppression of a section dedicated to contrasting urban decay, operating from ’95, what is striking are the methods and timing of the provisions.

In fact, for some time we have been asking the administration of Roma Capitale for a new organization of the Corps, capable of adapting it to the new needs of the changed urban contexts and above all aimed at implementing, like the other municipalities of Lazio, the regional regulations in force on the subject of Local police.

Unfortunately in this council there was not the desire and perhaps the strength to proceed with the drafting of a new shared order. It is surprising, however, how, one month after the electoral deadline, we are thinking of proceeding with partial changes by means of provisions dropped from above, suppressing sections and perhaps raising the skills of last-minute nuclei.

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It is quite evident that one of the tasks of the next administration, whatever its color, will be to reorganize the Corps of Roman White Helmets, which between leaps forward, interim, deadlines for deputy commands and failure to reform degrees and careers, it seems at the moment navigate on sight ”, is what was declared by the Syndicate.

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