the installation that teaches empathy-

What shoe size do you wear? Would you enter Carolina’s for a moment? A maxi installation in the shape of a giant shoe box where, as in a shop, you can choose ballet flats or pumps with heels for try to “walk” for ten minutes in the other person’s shoes – listening to his story and totally immersing himself in his life. Empatia Milan Foundation with the contribution of the Milan Community Foundation and the patronage of Palazzo Marino lead in piazza XX Aprile the installation by artist Clare Patey, which next week for the occasion will be in the Lombard capital. The work of art that inspires the project, “Walk a mile in my shoes”, translates the universally known saying into experience: I am thirty-one podcasts (21 in Italian and 10 in English) edited with great visual impact by directors Martina Parenti and Massimo D’Anolfi that testify real stories of ordinary fatigue and daily normality in Milan, to stimulate empathic exercise, intentionally proposing also disturbing and unknown perspectives and points of view.

Levi’s recycled cardboard shoe boxes will contain the shoes donated by the protagonists of the stories, which can be worn while listen to the story on headphones or via your mobile phone. The philosopher Roman Krznaric, one of the most popular British thinkers of our time, is convinced of this: empathy is not an innate gift but a capacity that can be developed, educated, trained. Hence the show it is scheduled from 21 to 28 September, with the Fashion week, from 13 to 20, to anyone who wants to participate – and already the foundation is flooded with requests. His latest project, Fem Human Library (migrants in video chat ready to tell their personal story to those who ‘chose’ them to listen to them and try to understand them) had been an extraordinary success.

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September 14, 2021 | 13:52



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