The 10 most expensive ways to buy a house in Italy – idealista / news

The 10 most expensive ways to buy a house in Italy – idealista / news
The 10 most expensive ways to buy a house in Italy – idealista / news

The most expensive street in Italy is located in the most exclusive area of ​​Porto Rotondo, Punta Lada, where the average value of homes, mostly unique villas with private park and swimming pool, reaches an average of 4,725,400 euros, according to the Idealist Studies Office. It is an area dotted with unique villas

On the podium of the ranking of luxury we find in second place Piazzale Poggio Imperiale in Florence with a price of 3,235,000 euros, and the Provinciale 14, which winds through the rolling hills of Montalcino, with 3,216,613 euros of average expenditure.

Scrolling through the top 10 drawn up by the leading real estate portal for technological development in Italy we meet Roccamare, in the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia with a price of 2,838,235 euros, and Via del Corso the street of the historic center of Rome, home to numerous buildings gentilizi, with 2,825,083.

Viale Italico in the prestigious “Roma Imperiale” district of Forte dei Marmi occupies the sixth position in the ranking of “luxury addresses” with an average of 2,408,000. From the elegant villas of Versilia you return to the coasts of Sardinia, in the splendid natural setting of the Pantogia hill, in Porto Cervo, where the owners ask an average of 1,990,018 euros to those who dream of becoming an owner in one of the most beautiful locations Mediterranean villas.

In the remaining elite positions we find Via XXV Aprile, one of the most exclusive areas of the Sirmione Peninsula, where the average value stands at 1,842,882 euros, followed by Via Agello in Desenzano, also in the Brescia area of ​​Garda, where a average of 1,533,609 euros. The ranking of the most exclusive streets in Italy closes with a flourish, Via Posillipo in Naples, with its apartments and its panoramic villas overlooking the gulf, at an average of 1,510,452 euros.

The study carried out by idealista is completed with the most exclusive streets of each of the 20 Italian regions. In addition to those that already appear in the top 10 positions of the ranking highlighted in the table above, we find 3 other regions that have at least one address whose absolute average price of properties exceeds one million euros, they are: Piedmont (1,334,267 euros), Liguria (1,249,638 euros) and Veneto (1,001,143 euros). The cheapest region is Molise, where the most expensive road has an average price of 252,636 euros, followed by Abruzzo (282,371 euros) and Basilicata (329,700 euros).

The Italian luxury market by points of interest

There is a lot of Tuscany in the 158 millionaire addresses found in the report. 47.5% of the points of interest found are concentrated in the region of Central Italy, ahead of Lombardy (24.1%) and Lazio (11.4%). The rest of the most exclusive streets are divided between Liguria, Sardinia, Piedmont and Campania. In the other 12 regions of the boot there are no routes with values ​​above the million euro threshold.


For the preparation of this report, idealista analyzed the absolute average price of all housing types (apartments, studios, penthouses, villas …) available on the same street. To avoid distortions in the data collected, only those streets with a minimum of 10 advertisements were considered. The study shows only the average prices of roads that meet this minimum requirement; therefore, it does not claim to provide definitive results, but a snapshot of luxury in Italy with respect to the indices used.

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