Rimini, the Somali assailant Duula had five knives and scissors. Improve the injured child- Corriere.it

Rimini, the Somali assailant Duula had five knives and scissors. Improve the injured child- Corriere.it
Rimini, the Somali assailant Duula had five knives and scissors. Improve the injured child- Corriere.it
from Alessio Ribaudo

Sumane Duula, arrested for the wounding of five people, negative in the first drug tests: on the bus he had several blades. Meanwhile, the little stabbed is better

From our correspondent

RIMINI He smiles, talks with his parents and watches cartoons. The little five-year-old boy of Bangladeshi origin, stabbed Saturday night in Rimini finally been declared out of danger. At the hospital in Rimini where he was saved, the reserved prognosis was dissolved and he was transferred from the reanimation ward to that of Pediatric surgery. Of course, he is still under constant observation and will have it for at least sixty days because of the after-effects of the complicated double surgery that sutured an internal left carotid lesion.

The obscure points to be clarified

We must wait at least 24 hours to try to clarify the many obscure points of the hour of madness that Rimini experienced last Saturday. In fact, tomorrow morning, twenty-six-year-old Somali Sumane Duula will be heard by investigators and preliminary investigations judge, who stabbed five people, including a five-year-old boy, and who is now in prison. The reason why it was not possible to proceed with the interrogation guarantee that Duula does not speak Italian or Englishand why a Somali native speaker cultural mediator is needed. At present it is not possible to have an idea about the motive – explains the chief prosecutor of Rimini, Elisabetta Melotti – and any premature evaluation. I certainly exclude the possibility of an act of international terrorism. A conviction matured from a double confirmation. The first among the police forces of half of Europe since Duula certainly arrived in our continent, since 2015, and he has never been suspected of terrorist activities. The second that nothing was found compromising during the search carried out by the police in Riccione where the 26-year-old had lived since 25 August, in a center run by the Red Cross in Riccione, waiting to be reconnected.

The request for international protection

The man – as it had previously done in Germany (2015), Sweden and Denmark (2018), Austria and Switzerland (2020) – had presented himself to ask for international protection. Thus, as required by law, he was assigned to the Riccione center to spend the quarantine. On 10 November he presented himself for the Covid swab and was negative – explains the Rimini police commissioner, Francesco De Cicco – and if the crime had not happened already today he would have been relocated elsewhere pending formalization of the application for refugee status. For this reason it could circulate in our territory. During the test, again according to De Cicco, he had an aggressive reaction towards the operators and a report was made to the prefecture.

Accuses him

The investigative framework is all in progress and even the accusations could change soon. Duula currently accused of attempted robbery, resistance and attempted murder, aggravated by futile reasons. We will see what he will say in the underwriting interrogation – says the prosecutor Melotti cautiously – and we are also awaiting news from the hospitals because according to the seriousness of the definitive prognosis we will outline the accusations. Above all, it is expected that the prognosis of the Bengladese child will soon be resolved. After two complicated operations at the Infermi hospital in Rimini, he regained consciousness and today even smiled and talked to his parents. Two of the stabbed refused medical treatment while, instead, have prognoses of 10 and 60 days, the two ticket inspectors who were the first to be attacked after asking the Somali boy for a ticket on the Rimini trolleybus 11.

The dynamics

The fury of Duula, according to the investigators, could have been born from a rash reaction to this request. The action – reconstructs the prosecutor Melotti – taken after the notification of an administrative violation due to being without a ticket, perhaps because he was convinced that the police would arrive. Then, in the next escape, there were the same violent actions against a number of people but we have to deepen all the modalities because it is crucial to understand if he attacked all those who he considered an obstacle to escape or if he chose them. The doubt also fueled by a victim who denied the investigators to be in the path of the assailant. Meanwhile, blood tests are also awaited to determine whether the man was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For now the urine tests have given negative results, we are waiting for the blood tests, added Mattia Falso, head of the Rimini Mobile team.

The knives

Surely the officers confiscated the scissors and all five steak knives he had with him (at the time of the arrest Somane was holding one of the knives, about ten centimeters long, with which he also threatened the police officers, while the others were in the backpack still wrapped in the packaging). Very common items of little economic value that you may have bought in any homeware store. In all probability, the prosecutor will ask for a psychiatric report for the twenty-six year old given his behavior at least anomalous. He has already had a first interview with a psychologist and would have recounted a persecutory experience. By the way, Saturday morning he also filed a lawsuit because he claimed that he was first rummaged in his pockets and then threatened by one of his roommates in Riccione. We are also investigating this – explains Davide Ercolano – to understand if the narrated fact happened and possibly to identify the man.

The visit

Meanwhile this morning it was held in the prefecture in Rimini a table on security with the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese. It was an episode that certainly shouldn’t have happened, but that could have happened in any part of Italy or Europe – explained the head of the Interior Ministry – because he was obviously a disturbed person. The positive side that the victims are no longer in danger of life and I thank the officers, also on behalf of the police chief, for having identified and arrested the aggressor in a very short time.

The controversy

Words that have not appeased the political controversies of recent days with some parties calling for his resignation. I was reading the statements of the current Minister of the Interior –replied the Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini, during a rally in Grosseto – “What do you want, it could have happened,” he said. The Minister of the Interior who says this, in my opinion, changes his profession the better the sooner. Mala tempora currunt but the League is there. Giorgia Meloni of FdI also lasts: The Somali asylum seeker who stabbed five people, including a child, was reported by the Red Cross to the Prefecture as a dangerous subject but the government did nothing, as is now the practice in the Lamorgese era and the only activity he is dedicated to now the Ministry of the Interior – he continues – is to repress those who dare to ask questions about the management of Covid and to fine those who peacefully contest the Government. What else needs to happen to replace Minister Lamorgese with someone capable?

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