Volleyball, European Championships 2021 – Italy-Germany on September 15 at 16:00: preview, where to see it on TV and live-streaming

Volleyball, European Championships 2021 – Italy-Germany on September 15 at 16:00: preview, where to see it on TV and live-streaming
Volleyball, European Championships 2021 – Italy-Germany on September 15 at 16:00: preview, where to see it on TV and live-streaming

With the Latvian practice filed with authority (3-0), Fefè de Giorgi’s Italvolley will now have to deal with the Germany by Andrea Giani to sit at the table of the four best teams of these European 2021. The quarter-final against the Teutonic national team will perhaps be the first real test for the new, and young, blue group, which however does not want to cease to amaze and give a great show. Simone Giannelli he is the undisputed leader of the national team, but he knows he can count on many reliable teammates. Alessandro Michieletto it is now a diamond that is anything but rough, showing shots that denote a volleyball intelligence out of the ordinary for a player of only nineteen. There pair of power plants, formed by Simone Anzani and Gianluca Galassi, also offers very high standards of performance, both in the fast game in the center and in the fundamental goal at the net. If anything, some doubts remain about the role of the opposite: the challenge against Germany could, however, represent a useful opportunity for this Giulio Pinali can definitively consecrate himself also in the blue jersey. Seeing the character, the determination and the arm of the new Itas Trentino acquisition, we are ready to bet on it.


European Volleyball

Simone Anzani: “Germany is tough, but we want to win”


The quarter final Italy-Germany is scheduled for Wednesday 15 September at 16:00 Italian time. All the Europeans are broadcast live-streaming by DAZN, while on Rai channels (this time Rai 3) it is possible to see the challenges of our national team. Eurosport will provide you the LIVE LIVE written, with the most salient actions of the match and many statistical insights.


Date, time and place: the match is scheduled for Wednesday 15 September at 16:00, on the field of Ostravar Aréna in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Italy reaches the quarter-final having won all six the previous challenges and granted only 2 set throughout the tournament: Davide Mazzanti’s women’s volleyball had done the same, at the same point in the competition. There Germany instead he lost only against the Olympic champions of France (1-3) in the group stage, forfeiting four wins in the remaining challenges of a Group D ended in 2nd place, with 11 points, obviously behind the transalpines. In the second round the national team coached by Giani has instead beat Bulgaria (3-1), with partials very similar to those that the Azzurri had trimmed to Tsvetan Sokolov and his teammates in the third round of the group stage. Therefore, one is expected very balanced challenge, to be played on the thread of details.

The defense of Italy works miracles: what a point!


Azzurri definitely on the ball, given the clear path and only two sets lost in six games. Of course, the opponents were all affordable and, with all due respect, they did not represent hard proving grounds, but De Giorgi’s national team always dominated and held the ball of the game in his hands. Only one blackout, in the third set against Bulgaria, then many good things in all the challenges. Good at the service and on the wall, great work in reception and a lot of diversity in the choices with which Simone Giannelli he armed his own guns. Germany which obviously relies above all on the broadsides of theschool György Grozer, just moved to Vero Volley Monza: “the man with the hammer” is a player we know well, with a devastating serve and a tireless arm. For the rest, the national team coached by Andrea Giani is young and complete. Beware of shots Moritz Karlitzek, twenty-five-year-old band seen last year in Modena, and at the game at the center of Anton Brehme, twenty-two of 2.06 who is doing well in these Europeans. Forcing the serve, keeping in reception and working well against the block will also be the tactical keys to this challenge: after all, they are a bit like that for any match in this continental review.


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Lupo and Nicolai, what a number! The reaction of the commentators

European Volleyball

All easy against Latvia, Italy flies to the quarterfinals


European Volleyball

Italy gives no escape to the Czech Republic: 5 wins out of 5

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