down the League, the Democratic Party is growing

down the League, the Democratic Party is growing
down the League, the Democratic Party is growing

Fratelli d’Italia by Giorgia Meloni is the first party in Italy according to the latest Swg poll, while Matteo Salvini’s League is in decline. On the other hand, the demos are growing again, while remaining in third position. The survey also probes the preferences of Italians regarding the new President of the Republic: the most quoted is Mario Draghi, even if most of the interviewees would not mind a second term of Sergio Mattarella.

According to polls, the Brothers of Italy is the first political force in Italy. Giorgia Meloni’s party is followed by the League, in decline, and the Democratic Party, in slight rise. This is what the latest SWG survey for the La7 news program affirms, which also investigates the preferences of Italians for the presidency of the Republic. But first let’s see specifically how Italians would behave if they were called to the polls today and the differences in favor to parties compared to last week.

As we said, Brothers of Italy it is at the top of the ranking of Italian parties at 21%, an approval rating that remains unchanged compared to the surveys of a week ago. On the other hand, the League, in second place: Matteo Salvini’s party has in fact gone from 20.4% last Monday to 20% today. On the third step of the podium we find the Democratic party which increases by 0.3 percentage points and thus stands at 18.7%.

The Five Stars movement instead it returns to decline in the polls, after a rebound following the election of Giuseppe Conte to the presidency, and stops at 15.8%, 0.2 percentage points less than seven days ago. Right away Come on Italy, which instead grows by 0.3 points and reaches 7.2%. As for the smaller parties, the one with the most consensus is Action, even if it falls in the polls compared to last week: at 3.4% it is still the only one to exceed the threshold. Performed by Article 1 (2,6%), Italian left (2,5%) e Italy Viva (2,5%).

The survey also incorporates the assessments of Italians regarding the next President of the Republic. In reality, most of the interviewees, i.e. 52% of whom most are voters of the Democratic Party and the M5s, look favorably on the hypothesis of a second term in Sergio Mattarella, while 48%, mostly Lega and FdI voters, disagree. Among the names that Italians would like at the Quirinale stands that of Mario Draghi, with a total of 46 points. Then we find Giuseppe Conte (29) and Emma Bonino (26). Silvio Berlusconi stops at a score of 18 points, behind Mario Monti’s 21.

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