Simona Romanò Ciak, turns around. From Lady Gaga to Ridley Scott. Milan is

Simona Romanò
Action. From Lady Gaga to Ridley Scott. Milan has once again become, after the stop due to Covis, the most requested stage for commercials, films, TV dramas.
Filming authorizations are growing at a faster rate than the pre-pandemic: over 500 requests between January and July, more than were submitted in the same period of 2019. To be precise, 505 applications up to July, against 268 for the first seven months of 2020 and 462 months of the same period of 2019. A trend that gives hope for a record closure for the current year.
Fashion is driving the sprint with 133 video advertisements and 113 photo sets, followed by feature films and films (55), documentaries (46), TV series and fiction (42). The favorite set is confirmed as the quadrilateral in the heart of Milan: Duomo, Galleria, Scala and Palazzo Reale with 209 requests; followed by parks (74) and museums (44). Then, Cairoli, Dante, Cordusio and Broletto (40). And again: Castle, Arco della Pace, Sempione Park with 27 questions. The last set, in chronological order, was set up last Saturday at Palazzo Marino, with actors, extras, direction, crew and workers transformed the courtyard for a day.
“All high-quality shots”, underline by the Municipality: 2021 saw international productions and stellar castes in the streets of the center, starting with the film directed by Ridley Scott about Maurizio Gucci, which brought Lady Gaga to the Gallery, to pass from the third season of the brilliant friend and arrive at the Rai production inspired by Carla Fracci. Great works also this summer with the set of the film Mollo tutto and I open a chiringuito with Germano Lanzoni; the docu-film Illuminate on Fernanda Pivano which will be broadcast on Rai 3; the filming of the fiction for the first evening of Rai 1 Vostro Onore and the TV series Block 181 made for Sky Studio.

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Simona Romanò Ciak turns Lady Gaga Ridley Scott Milan

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