thus 148 between doormen and auxiliaries risk cuts and dismissal

thus 148 between doormen and auxiliaries risk cuts and dismissal
thus 148 between doormen and auxiliaries risk cuts and dismissal

There was agitation atRoma Tre University, but this time the protesters are not the students but the lsfemale workers and workers who perform concierge services, initial reception, auxiliary services, porterage, maintenance of buildings, furnishings and greenery and who, with the change of contract of outsourced services, they risk cuts and layoffs. I am 148 in all.

Roma Tre University: 148 workers at risk of cuts and layoffs

At the end of July, the University published the call for the “Integrated services for the management of the University real estate 2021-2027”, starting from next October 1st. Time is therefore running out. “The greatest concern comes from the reading of the Special Tender Specifications: the social clause that establishes the commitment by the successful tenderer to guarantee current employment levels, contractual conditions and existing economic treatments, including those deriving from second level agreements stipulated by the FP-CGIL (14th monthly salary and meal vouchers) – underlines the Fp Cgil Rome and Lazio – it is subject to compatibility with the business organization of the successful tenderer and to the principle of free entrepreneurial initiative and competition, as recalled by the ANAC guidelines. I am therefore – points out the CGIL – the re-employment of all and all, the application of the national collective bargaining agreement for social cooperatives, the maintenance of the current contractual framework and the seniority increments, as well as obviously 14 months and meal vouchers, are at serious risk ”.

For auxiliaries and goalkeepers I risk cuts in pay

The union is also concerned by the statement that i contracted services are significantly different compared to the previous contract, “thus putting the application of art. 37 of the CCNL social cooperatives and the ‘fiduciary’ definition of the concierge service suggests a possible placement in the CCNL ‘Trust Services’ whose salary levels are well below the current salary received by workers “.

Roma Tre: workers in the “disadvantaged” categories at risk

An audience, that of workers employed in the concierge service and first reception in Rome three, which for a 60% belong to the so-called “disadvantaged” categories (pursuant to art.4 of Law 381/91): physical and psycho-sensorial invalids, former prisoners and long-term prisoners admitted to external work: a reality, for over 20 years now, of profitable and successful social integration -working made possible by the application of the CCNL social cooperatives. “They are workers who need an adequate contractual framework and which allows dialogue with the ASL and local services for the adoption of specific programs of recovery, accompaniment, tutoring and for autonomy”.

The protest of the workers of Roma Tre

So a few days after the opening of the envelopes, the Fp Cgil Rome and Lazio asks Roma Tre to take a clear and enforceable position in defense of employment and salary levels “So as not to find ourselves facing a social drama in the next few weeks”. And on September 14, the CdLT and the CGIL Coordination of Roma Tre called an assembly-presidium in front of the headquarters in Via Ostiense from 12.30 to 14.30. “It is the first protest initiative, we will go on until the strike if necessary”.

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