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from Valentina Santarpia

The platform for the control of the green pass seems to be working: as did the beginning of primary and secondary schools. We will be surgical in any closures, says Minister Bianchi

A night blitz of the Student Union in front of the Ministry of Education, four million children and young people returning to the classroom in ten regions, the smooth debut of the platform for the control of the green pass to staff, some criticisms for the access of parents to preschools and for the work of secretariats and localized inconveniences due to the Anief strike which Ata staff joined against the request for the green pass.

this is the balance of the first official day of school throughout the country, even if some regions have already opened their doors (Bolzano on 6 September) and some will reopen in the next few days (Sardinia on 14, Campania, Liguria, Marche, Molise and Tuscany on 15, Sicily and Friuli on 16, Puglia on 20). a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, and the second year of official start struggling with the new anti-Covid rules: mask, spacing, hand sanitizer, staggered entrances and, from this year, also control of the green pass to prevent unvaccinated or non-buffered adults from entering school.

Things are working, apart from isolated cases, let’s continue like this: give a nice 9 to return, he takes stock Antonello Giannelli, the president of the principals association who, on the eve of the inauguration of the new year, had revealed all the concerns for the tasks of the school leaders. Among the isolated cases reported by Giannelli, the intervention of the police in a middle school in Piacenza, the Anna Frank, where an employee did not present the green pass to access the structure. But otherwise it seems a return to normalcy, as wished by the Childhood Guarantor, who on the first day sent an open letter to boys and girls, hoping that they will return to study, to meet, to live a life that will not be like that of the last two years.

The controls

However, some criticisms remain: the control of green certification, mandatory for all school staff and parents who have to enter school, and the appointment of teachers, which fared better than last year, as Giannelli explains. As for controls, this morning the platform that will allow schools to verify the validity of the staff green pass without resorting to manual presentation officially entered into force: the software made available to the secretariats with green / red light in correspondence with all employees, an automatism that allows you to check only those who are lacking access. Technology and databases can provide excellent answers in safety and efficiency, Giannelli comments, scrolling through the data that comes to him from principals throughout Italy. Not that there are no professors or collaborators without a green pass, but, as the director of the Lombardy regional school office testifies, it would be a minority: The suspensions are a very residual number – explains Augusta Celada – less than 100. People with an impedimental attitude are few, a noisy minority.

The difficulties were noted above all for kindergartens, where parents are required to accompany their children: not all of them had a green pass, and some reports arrived, from Milan in particular. But, as the Councilor for Education of the Municipality explains, no child will be rejected: it is enough that delegations to relatives or friends are organized. The other node remains the secretariats, often unmanned, which in these days would need to be strengthened, given the increased workload.

The transport hub

Finally, transport: in Rome there are buses and metros full, in Bergamo this morning there was a rush to the means of transport, while in Milan 200 more vehicles were put on the road for the restart and Arrigo Giana, general manager of Atm and president of Agens ( Confederal Agency of Transport and Services) ensures that we have not had any particular problems. We have not registered them in Milan and, as far as we know, they have not been highlighted even in the other main Italian cities. Strengthening of the means also in Naples, in view of the return on Wednesday, and in Turin, where half a million students returned to class without inconvenience.

The situation is different in other regions, such as Puglia, where Tina Gesmundo, the director of the scientific high school `Salvemini of Bari, complains about the difficulties related to staggered entrances and exits to avoid bus overcrowding and asks for a meeting with the Prefecture. Meanwhile, Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia, Senator M5S, assures that after two months of experimentation, in December, the Ministry’s software will come into force to support school mobility managers in managing home-school-home flows.

The spectrum of the dad, looking at the number of vaccinated

We always work to ward off the dad, specter of the months of lockdown. It will no longer be possible to put an entire region in dad, if there were risks we intervene in a targeted manner, we are very attentive to the infection but also to the other students, solidarity returns to be at the center. We will be surgical in the measures, assures the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi who inaugurated the year at the primary Carducci in Bologna. Currently 93% of staff vaccinated, while among 12-19 year old students 44% received the second dose and 62% the second (or single dose), and it is no coincidence that the regions that suffered most last year are those in which there is 100% vaccination coverage of the staff and the students have done more doses. So much so that, despite the controversy, Bianchi remains of his idea, to have the masks removed in the classroom where everyone is vaccinated: our direction of travel.

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