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Eitan, the legal opinion of the Israeli government: “Return a child to his guardian in Italy”. The grandfather under investigation for kidnapping

Eitan, the legal opinion of the Israeli government: “Return a child to his guardian in Italy”. The grandfather under investigation for kidnapping
Eitan, the legal opinion of the Israeli government: “Return a child to his guardian in Italy”. The grandfather under investigation for kidnapping

The Israeli authorities will have to “give back“To his legal guardian in Italy the small Eitan Biran, 6 years old, sole survivor in the tragedy of Mottarone in which both of his parents died. According to the broadcaster Channel 12, an Israeli government legal opinion issued by experts from foreign ministries and of Justice in fact, he stressed that bringing Eitan to Israel, against the will of his legal guardian, that is paternal aunt, probably constitutes a kidnapping. The Jerusalem PostHowever, he denied the circumstance, citing sources from the same two ministries, in particular a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry according to whom the case does not fall within the government’s competence, as it does not involve diplomatic aspects. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pavia opened an investigation for kidnapping of the maternal grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, who stole Eitan from his father’s sister, Aya Biran Nirko, and brought it in Israel with a private plane. The grandfather is being investigated for aggravated kidnapping from the minor age of the victim. The Pavia police headquarters had issued a notice of ban on expatriation of Eitan, but Shmuel Peleg still managed to reach the Swiss and then take off with a charter headed to Tel Aviv. “We are ascertaining what happened and then intervening”, commented the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio.

The opinion of the government of Israel – The Israeli government document – reports Channel 12 – claims that the move made by Eitan’s maternal grandfather violated the Hague Convention on the civil aspects of the international subtraction from minors, a law adopted by Israel in 1991. According to the law, the Israeli authorities must do everything in their power to return the boy to his legal guardian in Italy on as soon as possible. Eitan’s aunt, sister of the child’s late father, introduced complaint to the Italian police. According to Or Nirko, Eitan’s uncle who is in Italy, Etti Peleg, the child’s maternal grandmother, was also involved in the kidnapping. “She claims she flew back to Israel the day before, so as not to be involved in the crime,” the man told the Israeli broadcaster. 103FM.

Defense of lawyers – “After being kicked out by the acts and from hearings and worried about the health condition of his grandson, acted on impulse“, Explain the Sevesi lawyers, Carsaniga, Polizzi, who represent Shmuel Peleg. According to the investigations of the Pavia prosecutor, the maternal grandfather – a past in the army and today a consultant for an electronics company – has hired a car to reach Lugano a private flight to take Eitan with him, also showing the passport of the grandson. “We will strive – write the lawyers – for the recognition of the rights of the maternal family, after which we trust that Shmuel will return to have confidence in Italian institutions and we will commit ourselves to this “. “We are tired of unjustified attacks and we want to put order in a situation where does not exist no mistreating grandfather: is a story of 20 years ago and the same grandmother has reduced the incident “, then declared a LaPresse the lawyer Sara Carsaniga, one of Shmuel Peleg’s lawyers. On Sunday the paternal aunt had in fact recalled that Peleg “was condemned in Israel for mistreatment against his ex-wife ”, Eitan’s maternal grandmother,“ in three degrees of judgment ”. The lawyer now replies that “there is only one wonderful grandfather and one wonderful family who have been denied ‘significant relationships’, as requested by the judge ”. The lawyer then specified that her client “is a splendid person, I don’t know what jumped into his mind. Now we await the necessary investigations of the judiciary “.

The investigation – In the investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Mario Venditti, it also digs on alleged complicity of other people in the raid that led to the alleged kidnapping. The paternal uncle Or Nirko, husband of Aya Biran, in an interview on Israeli radio 103 Fm the maternal grandmother accuses: “She was in Italy and it’s part of the rapture. She claims she flew back to Israel the day before, this apparently in order not to be exposed to the accusation of complicity ”, added Or Nirko. “I will abandon the legal fight only after the kidnappers – he continued – will be finished in prison. The only thing that interests us is the good of the child ”. Or Nirko – who spoke on the radio immediately after Etty Peleg, interviewed by the same broadcaster – then added that “do not believe that Eitan comes to understand that he has been kidnapped. I imagine the maternal family persuaded him that he is back in one vacation and that he does not know of the crime committed against him. You can imagine yourself how we feel“, He concluded.

The version of the family in Israel – “There was no kidnapping, the baby he wanted to come back in Israel for some time, ”he said Ety Peleg, Eitan’s maternal grandmother, interviewed by the same radio. The family in Israel continues to reiterate this version of events. “Its conditions are worst and finally – he denounced this morning, confirming that the child is being treated at theSheba hospital in Tel Aviv – after 4 months the doctors will see what happened to the baby. For 4 months he hasn’t seen any doctor apart from his aunt in Italy who is a doctor who takes care of prisoners. For 4 months they stopped me and my husband Shmuel to consult with doctors and psychologists “. “Now – continued Ety Peleg – he is undergoing very thorough medical consultations at the Sheba, including one psychological care which had to be done for some time and has not been done ”. “Eitan is our world and we – added the grandmother – want to be safe that he is fine. It’s the only thing that interests us ”. Ety Peleg then said that Eitan “non had ties with Aya’s family ”, the paternal aunt residing in Italy. “Now – he concluded – it’s me a take care of him“.

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