Rome, at the Teatro Valle plaque in memory of Franca Valeri. “The tender for the works within the year” (expected for years) –

Rome, at the Teatro Valle plaque in memory of Franca Valeri. “The tender for the works within the year” (expected for years) –
Rome, at the Teatro Valle plaque in memory of Franca Valeri. “The tender for the works within the year” (expected for years) –

A plaque to remember Franca Valeri actress, showwoman but also spokesperson and witness of the change of customs in Italy: it was unveiled this morning. The Teatro Valle will be named after her from now on. Present the daughter of the artist, Stefania Bonfadelli, Pino Strabioli, Urbano Barberini colleague of the stage and of many battles in defense of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, and the mayor Virginia Raggi.

Franca Valeri made her debut as an actress and author in 1947. Of the jewel of the historic center, which gives its name to the street it overlooks – object of a famosa occupation that lasted from 2011 to 2014 – my house said. The redevelopment project of Studio Berlucchi in Brescia, winner of the public tender for restoration, was also presented. The architects illustrated the plan, which has been standing still for years, which is also part of the long and troubled history of the Teatro Valle. The hall passed from the State to the Capitol in 2016, and was only partially reopened in 2018. No role was cut out of the Valle Bene Comune Theater Foundation, which at least initially saw the participation of many young and well-known faces of the show, intellectuals, directors. In fact, even the assignment to the Teatro Stabile proved useless: without work, with the stage uninhabitable, it was obviously impossible to imagine a program.

The redevelopment includes a new reception area with ticket office, cloakroom and bar. An elevator will be created for spectators with disabilities, while the light will be of great importance to accentuate the aesthetic and historical characteristics of the building where Valadier’s hand worked. New spaces inside the scenic tower will replace old architectural superfetations without value. On four levels, here are 12 new dressing rooms, two large rooms for extras, two new protected stairways for the exodus of artists in case of emergency and a new lift, here too, which guarantees a direct connection between stage, dressing rooms and grating.

Stages, cavea and ceiling will be subject to a conservative restoration: new carpets, wooden parquet and high quality satin upholstery in the colors of the existing coverings and with the aim of make the room fit not only to theatrical performances, but also to concerts, lyric and symphonic. Obviously all the systems need to be redone. A new tank will contain the 90,000-liter water reserve, which is essential to power the automatic fire extinguishing system for at least 60 minutes. And an intervention will concern the anti-seismic rib.

Capacity is increasing: 678 seats distributed among the stalls (204, boxes (422) and gallery (54), heated and air-conditioned by a new all-air system. Timing: the tender for the assignment of the works will start within this year – it is said – while the estimated time for the intervention is two years. The reopening could therefore take place in the middle of 2024. This is what the designers told us – explained the mayor Virginia Raggi -. We can assure you that we are making an important effort to return the theater to the city community and beyond as quickly as possible. There have been many announcements, since in 2014 the occupants left the space with the promise of immediate interventions. It was the condition for them to go out. I wonder if this will be the right time.

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