Fagnano Castello (Cosenza), kills his wife at the height of a quarrel

September 13, 2021 7:19 pm

Blinded by jealousy, he first attacked the woman and then inflicted numerous stabs in the abdomen: she bled to death

Stabbed in the abdomen with a kitchen knife – Giuseppe Servidio used a household knife to kill his wife with which he repeatedly hit the woman in the abdomen. Known as a seemingly meek person, after the murder the man called 112 warning the carabinieri of what had happened and was blocked not far from home. He suffered superficial injuries to his upper limbs that he got in the course of the fight with the victim.

Maybe a fit of jealousy – According to what was declared by the auxoricide, the quarrel was triggered by the fact that on Sunday evening his wife would not have returned home. Servidio, a truck driver by profession, had recently returned to the country permanently, since he was frequently abroad for work. The 118 health workers who arrived on the spot were only able to ascertain the death of the victim who died bled to death.


Fagnano Castello Cosenza kills wife height quarrel

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