Green pass: towards the extension of the obligation to 1.2 million state employees. Cdm during the week

Green pass: towards the extension of the obligation to 1.2 million state employees. Cdm during the week
Green pass: towards the extension of the obligation to 1.2 million state employees. Cdm during the week

And now it could be their turn. An audience of over 1.2 million people. To be exact: one million and 218 thousand (source: Fondazione Studi del Consulenti del Lavoro). In fact, a decree law (yet another) is on the launching pad which provides for the obligation of a Green pass for these workers (they are excluded from the health and education count where 3.5 million workers are already involved between the vaccination obligation and the pass) . The overall layout of the text is ready. The technicians of the legislative offices are making the final filings, based on the indications of the policy. But the control room that usually precedes the meeting of the Council of Ministers has not yet been called. In the meantime, the League’s Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti opens up to an even wider extension, that is, to all workers in the private sector.

Green pass obligation extended to public employment: towards Cdm during the week

The green light for the provision should arrive on Thursday 16 September, on the occasion of a new meeting of the Council of Ministers, “prepared” by a summit between the government and the presidents of the Regions first and then by a control room between Draghi and the representatives of the political forces of majority.


This last meeting should dissolve the political knot and “pave the way” for an agreement, overcoming the perplexities of a League that in the latest statements by the leader Matteo Salvini has opened the hypothesis of an extension of the green certificate to the public sector ( however, the words of the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti did not go unnoticed, who in the last few hours recalled that “we must be pragmatic”, and that “the Green pass is a necessary measure”).

Towards a new decree, an obligation probably in force since 10 October

Moreover, the Prime Minister has clearly given the line. “It is not a question of deciding whether – he confided at the first press conference after the summer break – but to whom and when to extend the Green pass”.

The Council of Ministers should approve yet another decree, after the one that extended the obligation of a green certificate to employees of companies that provide canteen, cleaning and guarding services in schools and universities (and from 10 October also for the whole personnel, including external ones, who work in residences for the elderly). The obligation for public employment should start in mid-October: probably also in this case we could start from 10 (which this year falls on Sunday, so the “substantial” entry into force would be Monday 11). Competent and technical ministries, coordinated by Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli, are filing the text.


Green pass extension obligation million state employees Cdm week

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