Rome, back to school with the Green pass, but without (too many) inconveniences-

Rome, back to school with the Green pass, but without (too many) inconveniences-
Rome, back to school with the Green pass, but without (too many) inconveniences-

Some subway cars in Rome are full. At Termini station, junction between line A and line B, it is difficult to walk on the platform. They are enough for a few trains and the gatherings decrease with each passing minute. The first day of school does not seem to have created particular problems for the transport of the capital. In fact, they expected chaos and queues and instead all in all there is no big difference compared to the return of last week’s vacation: I was worried. I thought I would find a frightening crowd, I had also thought of going to work by car, but the situation is quiet, I have to change my mind, the comment of a lady at the Cavour stop towards Battistini. There aren’t many people. Of course, if the trains passed more frequently, even those few gatherings that inevitably arise would be avoided. But unfortunately this is not the case, says Carlo, a thirty-year-old lawyer who has just come out of Metro A in Piazza Barberini.

Same scenario on buses. At the terminus of Termini full, for example, the 910 line, which goes as far as Piazza Mancini, Flaminio district. They should also ask for the Green Pass on public transport, I don’t understand why they remain a free zone, complains a 70-year-old headed to Piazza Euclide. And gatherings are also seen on 92 towards the African quarter. While no crowds, only a few passengers standing on the 90, the bus that crosses the entire Via Nomentana. At the moment there are no particular inconveniences at the school entrances, only a few slowdowns dictated by the control of the Green Pass for school staff. As at the Giulio Cesare high school in Corso Trieste, for example, where manual control with tablets is preferred rather than using the app of the Minister of Education, developed only in the last hours and never tried before, the explanation of a teacher . The Green Passes also checked for parents who accompanied their children to the schools in kindergarten and elementary schools. Nobody complained, everyone accepted the rules and that’s okay for now, says the school delegate to check the Green Pass of the Plexus Enrico Pestalozzi in via Montebello, Porta Pia area. We will see what happens in the next few days. We will continue to respect the rules, I hope the parents do the same.

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