Ippocrateorg presents the protocol with drugs “that allow everyone to heal”

Ippocrateorg presents the protocol with drugs “that allow everyone to heal”
Ippocrateorg presents the protocol with drugs “that allow everyone to heal”

The First World Conference on Therapy Early for the Covid-19, l’International Covid Summit (12-13-14 September 2021). The Summit sees the participation, in the presence, of internationally renowned doctors and scientists who bring their experiences of treatment practiced in various countries of the world.
The event scheduled today, on the initiative of Senator Roberta Ferrero, took place at the Senate of the Republic.

During the conference held this morning, Mauro Rango, one of the founders of the Ippocrateorg association, said that Covid can be “treated at home and everyone can recover, if a protocol is followed from the first days that includes ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, cortisone, heparin among its drugs“. Rango, who, as he himself has clarified, is not a doctor but a scholar of “social sciences and human rights“, He collected the therapeutic experience”developed in Mauritius (where he lived during the pandemic, ed) and that of other doctors in Germany and Italy who used hydroxychloroquine at home and hyperimmune plasma in hospital“. “We started the Ippocrateorg association according to which Covid is a treatable disease that does not kill. We have developed a therapeutic approach that leads to healing anyone who gets sick – he continued – We are now building patient records and doing a retrospective study on 500 patients, but of all the patients who contacted us since the fourth day of symptoms, none died.“.

The protocol presented foresees an intervention in the first phase of the disease with ivermectin (pesticide not authorized for Covid, ed) and azithromycin, and in the second phase cortisone and enoxaparin.

After all, even 50 years ago interstitial pneumonia was treated with cortisone and heparin. The important thing is that the doctor indicates when to take the drugs and follow the indicated doses,”Said Rango. Today, he concluded, “there is a clash between those who support medicine with randomized studies, and medicine anchored to clinical reality. In times of emergency such as these, the former cannot be followed. In Bergamo people died because they expected randomized studies to be ordered from above, waiting for clinical studies that would protect the systems from trouble“.

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