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Women’s Italy starts at its best in qualifying for the Women’s Rugby World Cup. In Parma the blues beat Scotland in a match in which they made things clear from the first half, with four goals to close the practice. Fundamental victory for Di Giandomenico’s girls in view of the next matches in the tournament.

Italy got off to a great start and immediately won a punishment. Di Giandomenico’s team goes into touch, long maul, advantage for the blues and after less than two minutes of play it is Giada Franco who picks up the oval, starts again and the goal is 7-0. However, Scotland immediately responded and with two fouls won an easy position in the 22 meters and shortened the pitch. Blue a little too foul in this start, even if in defense they are very aggressive. A beautiful break by Ostuni Minuzzi brings Italy back to the offensive phase which puts the opponents in great difficulty. But a forced pass allows Scotland to counterattack and foul the blue on the defensive 22. The blue are saved and go back to pushing in attack.

Italy is unlocked in the 21st minute. Excellent action by Ostuni Minuzzi, then ball to Maria Magatti who flies away, very well avoids a tackle and in the end stretches out by dunking for the 12-3. Cynical blue now, with Scotland missing a touch, ball recovered by Bettoni, then oval that reaches Sara Barattin who reaches the end and score that rises to 19-3. Insists Di Giandomenico’s team, Scotland in trouble now. A blaze, however, brings the Scots back into attack and a new blue foul sends Nelson on the pitch for -13. But the blue answer comes immediately, with Ilaria Arrighetti who snaps, stops, accelerates, breaks a tackle and crushes for the 26-6 with which you go to rest.

Difficult start of recovery for the blue, who leave the ball of the game to Scotland, but above all they struggle to get back up the field, even if in defense they do not concede anything to the British. But after 15 minutes of suffering, here’s that one ball stolen on the half of the field launches Maria Magatti offshore, then two passes and the ball that reaches Michela Sillari for the goal of 33-6 which closes the match. Italy has been unlocked and it’s time to play Manuela Furlan to crush a kicked ball in the goal and blue flying to 38-6. Shortly after, however, a yellow card to Sgorbini and Scotland who can breathe and return to attack. Like this at 70 ‘the British goal arrives with Lloyd exploiting the numerical superiority and score that is fixed at 38-13. In the yellow final for the Scots, but the score does not change and Italy comes out as a winner.

Photo: Valerio Origo – LPS

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