Exhibition Il Dante di Dalí – Milan

Exhibition Il Dante di Dalí – Milan
Exhibition Il Dante di Dalí – Milan

From September 15, 2021 al October 26, 2021

Milan (MI)

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Region: Lombardy

Place: Pirelli Palace, via Fabio Filzi 22

Phone: 02/67482777

Opening time: 10-12.30 from Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Cost: Free admission

Where to buy: 0 – free admission

Website: https://www.regione.lombardia.it/wps/portal/istituzionale

Manager: The Lombardy Regional Council, in collaboration with the Kasa dei Libri

On the occasion of Dante’s 700th anniversary, the exhibition displays the 100 original plates with which Salvador Dalí illustrated the Divine Comedy, the poetic work par excellence of our literature,

The exhibition offers a masterpiece of the illustrated edition of the twentieth century, printed in very few copies, which the public rarely has the opportunity to know. These are the 100 original plates, one for each song, created by the Spanish artist to illustrate the Comedy, a real journey where you can grasp the interpretative effort of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century in comparison with one of the great European classics. .

Without forgetting his caliber as an artist, we usually associate Dalí’s name with extravagances of all kinds, fueled by his unbridled imagination and the visionary iconography that populates his art.
This imagery also follows the making of Dante’s tables. And the marriage between Dante’s journey into the afterlife and this perennial movement of the mind is memorable, also because it is the result of more than ten years of work. The tables had in fact been commissioned by the Italian state to Dalí in the early 1950s, with the 700th anniversary of the poet’s birth approaching (1965).

With the progress of the work and the passing of the years, however, the decision had aroused controversy, both for the costs and for the choice of a foreign artist, up to the revocation of the contract at the first change of government.
Back in possession of the images, Dalí continued to work on them for the following years, until the final publication at the Salani publisher in Florence for the Dante anniversary in 1965: six voluminous volumes, two for each cantica, in a limited edition, where the 100 lithographs by Dalí interspersed with the text of the Italian Dantesque Society.

Half a century later, reviewing the tables on display allows us to rediscover all the original strength of those images, through Dalí’s very personal vision. Dante’s journey is followed step by step; and each one is filtered through the unmistakable imagination of the artist, very recognizable in the dominant features of his painting: acrobatic glimpses, visionary aspects, dominant tones that accompany Dante’s progress in the three cantiche.

In this way Dalí leads the viewer directly to Dante’s hell, with bodies transfigured by pains and colors inflamed by the infernal fire, then gradually softening the stroke and the chromatic tones between purgatory and paradise. With a fundamental recommendation to fully enter the world of the artist: never forget the streets of the grotesque and irony.

The exhibition is curated by Andrea Kerbaker with the collaboration of Maria Vittoria Baravelli.

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