Teleperformance Italia certificata Great Place to Work 2021

Monday 13 September 2021 – 12:58

Teleperformance Italia certificata Great Place to Work 2021

First year for the company

Rome, 13 Sept. – “Teleperformance Italia, in 2021, was certified Great Place to Work ® for the first time in its history. We are also the first company in the sector to have reached this prestigious milestone in Italy. I am really very satisfied! ”. Thus Diego Pisa, CEO of Teleperformance Italia, on the occasion of the company’s certification, in 2021, as Great Place to Work ®.

This is a unique recognition for the reference sector in our country, which takes on particular importance considering the size of the company, in a year marked by the pandemic.

A result that certifies the Group’s leadership in offering customized Customer Service solutions, thanks to its highly qualified staff, the largest team of interaction experts on the market.

As Diego Pisa still remembers, this “certification of a third party highlights the centrality of people in our transformation process undertaken”, adding “satisfaction with the awareness of the path of change and the pride shown by employees in participating in the questionnaire” .

At the basis of the Great Place To Work ® recognition there is in fact the strategic decision to place people as the real center of the company. A revolution, achieved with everyone’s commitment, which has led Teleperformance Italia to become one of the best Italian companies in which to work according to its employees. And no company in the sector had ever been GPTW ® certified, for a result of exceptional importance. Suffice it to think of the accession collected: out of a theoretical total of 2,285 workers, 1,646 replied to the questionnaire.

“In recent weeks, many have asked me how it was possible for our company to obtain the coveted Great Place To Work ® certification – explains Gianluca Bilancioni, HR Director of Teleperformance Italia -. Interesting question with a very simple answer. Before we were a normal company: procedures, operating instructions, production indicators. But that wasn’t enough.

So we started a real Revolution: Listening without a network, and without any limitation of our people ”. In hundreds of individual and group meetings, simple but direct questions were addressed to employees: “How can I help you?”, “How can I make your job easier?”, “How can I make your life easier inside of our organization? “. Without forgetting to highlight what “personal and professional dreams and desires” were.

“This has raised Hell! – adds Bilancioni -. A hell of happiness, love and satisfaction because then we tried to put into practice what emerged from the meetings.

Everything has changed, allowing us to pass from a normal company to a company that today deserves, with the honor of bringing the Great Place to Work ® cochineal “.


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