Tragedy of Mottarone: Eitan kidnapped, his maternal grandfather is under investigation for aggravated kidnapping

Tragedy of Mottarone: Eitan kidnapped, his maternal grandfather is under investigation for aggravated kidnapping
Tragedy of Mottarone: Eitan kidnapped, his maternal grandfather is under investigation for aggravated kidnapping

The aggravating circumstance refers to the minor age of the child, the only survivor of the accident of last May 23rd. Man’s lawyers: “He acted on instinct.” The maternal family let it be known that the child is in hospital in Tel Aviv. The lawyer of the aunt, legal guardian of the child: “We will activate the Hague Convention”

Smhuel Peleg, Eitan’s maternal grandfather, the only child who survived the Stresa Mottarone cable car accident last May 23, in which 14 people lost their lives, is under investigation for kidnapping aggravated by the Pavia Public Prosecutor’s Office for bringing the child to Israel , thus taking him away from his paternal aunt Aya Biran, who is his legal guardian. The aggravating circumstance refers to the minor age of the child. “After being ousted from the proceedings and from the hearings and worried about the health conditions of his grandson, he acted on impulse”, explain the lawyers Sevesi, Carsaniga, Polizzi. “We will work – they write – so that the rights of the maternal family are recognized, after which we trust that Shmuel will once again have faith in the Italian institutions and we will commit ourselves to this ”.

The story

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Mottarone, Eitan does not return: investigation opened for kidnapping

Little Eitan, according to what the maternal family reported to the local media, is now in a hospital on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, where “he is receiving the best possible medical and psychological assistance”. However, aunt Aya Biran said she was worried about her condition and said that her grandfather was convicted in the past for mistreatment in the family. Today, one of the woman’s lawyers, Cristina Pagni, announced on entering the court that she will speak “with the tutelary judge to activate the International Hague Convention” of 1980, which provides for ensuring the return of the minor to the foster and the country of residence in cases of international abduction. “We are working, we study the laws,” he added. The way in which the little one was brought to Israel is also tinged with yellow: the prevailing hypothesis – and on which we are investigating – is that the child and grandfather flew with a private plane that probably took off from Lugano, Switzerland. But the circumstances still remain unclear. For Eitan, moreover, today should have been the first day of school at the Canossian Institute in Pavia, where he had already faced the week of insertion. The foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, also spoke about the case, announcing: “We are ascertaining what happened and then intervening”.

Uncle: “Grandma also took part in the kidnapping”

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Mottarone, media: “Eitan brought to Israel by his grandfather”

In an interview with Israeli radio 103 Fm, Or Nirko, husband of Aya Biran, accuses Eitan’s maternal grandmother, Etty, of taking part in the kidnapping. “She was in Italy but claims she flew back to Israel the day before, apparently in order not to be exposed to the accusation of complicity,” she said. “I will abandon the legal fight only after the kidnappers – he continued – have ended up in prison. The only thing that interests us is the good of the child”. Or Nirko – who spoke on the radio immediately after Etty Peleg, interviewed by the same broadcaster – then added that “do not believe that Eitan comes to understand that he has been kidnapped. I imagine that the maternal family has persuaded him that he is back in a vacation and who does not know of the crime committed against him. You can imagine how we feel “, he concluded.

Investigations into the accident: today the removal of the broken rope

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Mottarone cable car, the cabin will be removed by October 15th

Meanwhile, the insults about the Mottarone tragedy continue. This morning the fire brigade team identified by the provincial command of Verbania will cut and take a portion of about 15 meters of the cableway that broke, causing cabin number 3 to fall. Carabinieri of Stresa, the technicians have reached the place where the rope, protected by a plastic sheet blocked by adhesive tape, has been lying for almost three and a half months.

The procedure

Once collected and treated according to the instructions received from the technicians, the firefighters will take the find into custody in the place indicated by the experts appointed by the investigating judge. A procedure, however, on which Riccardo Falco, consultant of the lawyer Marcello Perillo, lawyer of Gabriele Tadini, the only one among the suspects still under house arrest, had raised some doubts, underlining that “the corrosion of the rope has already begun. Our fear – he added after the first inspection – is that the fracture surfaces are altered by corrosion and that therefore the necessary evaluation elements may no longer be acquired “.

They lift a sheet on the fallen cabin: two reported

They were surprised in the Mottarone area seized for the investigation into the tragedy of the Stresa-Mottarone cable car while they lifted the sheet that protects the carcass of the crashed cabin. For this violation, two brothers from Arona (in the province of Novara), aged 21 and 19, were denounced by the carabinieri, with accusations of violating seals and attempting to remove things that had been seized. They were in the company of their respective girlfriends, during a picnic in the woods of Mottarone, when they had the idea of ​​approaching and crossing the barriers set up to delimit the area subject to seizure. However, the area is controlled by an anti-intrusion system and is subject to constant surveillance 24 hours a day by the Operations Center of the Provincial Command of Verbania of the Carabinieri. It was precisely the alarm system, which came into operation as soon as the young people slightly raised the sheet that protects the carcass of the cabin, that put them to flight. The young people were identified shortly after by the patrol arrived on the spot and taken to the barracks for identification operations.

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