a sensational name – Libero Quotidiano

a sensational name – Libero Quotidiano
a sensational name – Libero Quotidiano

Luca Palamara he went into politics. Replacing the toga, the former magistrate runs to the capital with the aim of a seat in Parliament. Only twenty days divide him from the outcome of the supplementary, but he is already celebrating. This is a dinner in the suburbs with friends. Accompanied by his wife, Giovanna Remigi and from the communication assistant, Monica Macchioni, Palamara welcomes its numerous guests to the restaurant. Among the guests there is Adele Attisani, a friend of Palamara and ended up with him on trial.

But at the restaurant – writes the Everyday occurrence – there are several presences, there are even two hundred. Among these there is Sebino Nela, former footballer. But also Bruno, who presents himself as a builder close to the Knights of San Silvestro Papa. Then here is the secretary of the Siulp police union, Maurizio Germanò, the lawyer Ivan Marrapodi, the president of an association that brings together Calabrians around the world. Among others, the Northern League also appears on the road Simone Montagna.

In the ranks of the Carroccio there is Mauro Ferri. While the name of Barbara Gamberini. There is – writes the newspaper – a candidate of the Brothers of Italy in the XIV Town Hall that bears this name. The rest are entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers. Dinner can only start at 10pm, when everyone is finally seated. The menu does not disappoint: octopus and squid salad, salmon, tuna and burrata pate, seafood risotto, cavatelli with lobster, scampi, potato sheets, lemon sorbet, tiramisu. Accompanied by a Falanghina from Campania. Not to forget the music, background note throughout the evening.

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sensational Libero Quotidiano

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