Equalitas certification essential reference for sector

Monday 13 September 2021 – 09:42

Wine: Equalitas certification essential reference for sector

In Montepulciano the conference on sustainable development of the supply chain

Rome, 13 Sept. (askanews) – A supply chain attentive to the issues of work and social sustainability, but with still room for improvement that must be supported by Pac and Pnrr. It is a delicate and sensitive issue that at the center of the second Conference on the sustainable development of work in the wine sector which took place at the Fortezza di Montepulciano, in the presence of the most important players and main institutions in the sector, starting with the ministries of agriculture. and Labor.

A study from which emerged a painting with some shadows but, fortunately, many lights; the photograph of a sector attentive to the issue to the point of equipping itself with fundamental control and protection tools, first of all the Equalitas certification.

“Being certified Equalitas takes on an increasingly important meaning in many respects – explained Michele Manelli, one of the first producers to obtain certification and one of the main authors of the study – It means developing the company around the highest international standards, such as ESG, a perspective that we know stimulates companies to an organizational and value growth at the same time. Following the Eqaulitas social indicators means, for example, pursuing the participation of workers in the company, or promoting the inclusion of women and young people in key roles, even pursuing the same better protection of working conditions even in subcontracts and along the supply chains, a solid guarantee to deal with the sad phenomenon of illegal hiring “.

The survey presented, which involved over 20% of companies in the sector and which took place in the spring-summer 2021 period, also had the merit of illustrating the sentiment of companies in the supply chain in this delicate phase, marked by the emergency pandemic. The sensation highlighted is that of a cautious but widespread optimism supported by the numbers which, in the face of sometimes double-digit losses in turnover, show a sector that has also protected seasonal employment, with only 3% contraction of employees but which Above all, it believes in recovery, with 70% of those interviewed expecting growth in the order of 20% already by 2021. But it was also an opportunity to identify areas in which the supply chain will need greater support from all institutions, to fill an apparent cultural and information gap, such as those of welfare policies and gender equality.

“It was certainly an important comparison – commented Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, FederDoc President – also useful to confirm the goodness of the work done so far and, at the same time, to outline new objectives that we must achieve. The social indicators that we have in fact contributed to putting in all senses on the ground with Equalitas in recent years now represent an international reference, as we are recognized by buyers such as large monopolies but also by entities such as Oxfam or Amfori. The next step? Convincing companies to use this quid plus through targeted communication, a necessary tool to reach the hearts of stakeholders and consumers. Occasions like this one in Montepulciano are already an important step forward in this sense “.

The Permanent Labor Table sees the participation of: Milav, Mipaf, Federdoc, Gambero Rosso Publishing Group, Oxfam Italia, ETI, Systembolaget, Syndicat European Trade Union, amfori, BRC-GS, Valoritalia, Fondazione Consulenti del Lavoro and Sustainable Wine Roundtable) .


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