«Central Pd in ​​the axis with the M5S. We will approve ius soli and Zan ddl »- Corriere.it

«Central Pd in ​​the axis with the M5S. We will approve ius soli and Zan ddl »- Corriere.it
«Central Pd in ​​the axis with the M5S. We will approve ius soli and Zan ddl »- Corriere.it
from Monica Guerzoni

The secretary of the Democratic Party closes the Festa dell’Unit: Loyal to the government, who ambiguous against health. On Lega and Fratelli d’Italia: They have allies like Poles and Hungarians: the one not center-right, but extreme right

It ends with an emphatic sentence pronounced almost in a whisper: This pandemic will not exit to the right, but to the left, on the side of the solidarity and social values and that’s where we are. It is up to us to live up to this appointment with history. Ends with Enrico Letta waving a maxi-flag of the Pd, to also plastically claim the pride of a political force that aspires, in the secretary’s plans, to become with him the largest center-left party in Europe.

The former prime minister to the test of the militants. Its first Feast of the Unit as a leader, his first closure from the stage in Just 40 minutes of speech
, declined with humility, strength and that tone of his professor, a speech very careful not to upset the managers, to quote the three ministers Franceschini, Orlando and Guerini e i big Europeans Sassoli and Gentiloni, very careful not to blow on the flames of the currents: Six months ago they told me that by accepting the leadership of the Democratic Party I would have found a field in Agramante, but it was not like that. Three pillars: the new bipolarism, the vaccine as freedom and the Democratic Party as a party of companies and not just of workers.

Read begins with Covid, to tell the country that the freedom vaccine. Attack Salvini, but he doesn’t even name him: Who ambiguous about green passes and vaccines against the health of Italians, against companies and workers. And who does not want to vaccinate against the freedom of others and cannot be rewarded. Call the ovation for the president Mattarella. He promises (snatching longer applause) that his civil rights battles are not flags and words, but will become laws: The Zan bill is our commitment and we will recover the error of the last legislature, when we were unable to launch a new citizenship law. And when he arrives at the alliances he tries to extinguish the echoes of the applause collected three days ago, under the same tent, by Giuseppe Conte: Our party for unity and for a coalition that will be built around us, with generosity and commitment. Under the stage, Deputy Secretary Peppe Provenzano applauds with relief: But what takeover bid for Conte on the Pd! We will be the pivot of the coalition.

Letta repeats it several times, he says he is sure the alternative to the right will be built around the Democratic Party and the name of the president of the 5 Stars, which he sang in Bologna on Friday Bella Ciao with the obvious intent to seduce the dem base, forget to pronounce it. In short, Letta’s message that the political alliance will be made, but nowhere is it written that the prime minister will have to be Conte. Unit, the key word, for the party and for the center-left that will come. Because if the center-right parties keep them united in power and then they are unable to govern, the Democratic Party has always had the opposite problem: We have a terrible tendency to always divide ourselves in decisive moments. The 500 militants who entered with green pass and mask know it well, they shout Enrico bravo !.

The secretary goes on, declares the tripolarism born with the 2013 elections ended and inaugurates the new phase of extreme bipolarism where an intermediate position does not exist and the voters will be here or there. Loyal to the government Draghi, like the Democratic Party, or allied with the Hungarian and Polish governments. And here the secretary raises his tone a little to say that that of the Lega and the Brothers of Italy is not center-right, but ofextreme extra and now the Democratic Party has the great responsibility of running towards victory at the head of a pro-European, democratic and progressive coalition. The first test? Supplementary and administrative, which will be decisive. Letta is optimistic: Here we are, we are fighting in every municipality.

Six months into his debut, Letta is neither tired nor regretful of having left Paris for Rome, on the contrary he describes himself proud and happy to have taken the baton from one of our great leaders as Nicola Zingaretti. One who the night before from the same stage threw (without naming names) quite a few pebbles on the currents and their leaders: Pd. Past water, Franceschini, Orlando and Bonaccini applaud the new secretary who illustrates his country mission, with the digital and environmental agenda and his idea of ​​Europe, where the Democratic Party will fight its battles and win them.

After 19 days of debates and wraps, the Festival dismantles the stands. it was a subdued edition, but not for Letta: Our volunteers aged 16 to 99 are pure adrenaline, with them we understand the past and the future.

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