“I found a great homeland feeling”

“I found a great homeland feeling”
“I found a great homeland feeling”

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September 12, 2021 1:47 pm


The classic tour that every candidate in the Capitoline elections is carrying out in view of the elections of 3 and 4 October has brought Enrico Michetti to the Ghetto.

“I was at the Portico d’Ottavia where the oldest Jewish community in Europe resides and I listened to citizens and restaurateurs – explained Enrico Michetti – I found a healthy, proactive environment and above all a great homeland feeling among young people and this has filled my heart ”declared the leader of the Roman center-right deployment.

The atrocities of the past

The stop in the ghetto was an opportunity to discuss issues related to trade. “We also talked about street vendors, bumpers, demolition workers who deserve to continue to carry out their work protecting them, among other things, from the follies of the Bolkestein directive” explained Michetti, before adding “You all then, you know what my thoughts are in the face of the ignoble atrocities of the past ”.

Michetti’s values ​​and controversies over the candidacies

The visit to the ghetto represented an opportunity to clear the field of misunderstandings. “At the center of my actions are the fundamental rights of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, inviolable rights of man even before that of the citizen”. Michetti wanted to clarify what his values ​​are, after the controversy related to the presence of a candidate with the profile of Mussolini tattooed on his arm and the embarrassment felt for some statements by the candidate No Vax who defined Minister Speranza “a Jew who responds to the orders of his masters, of Jewish origin “.

Against any discrimination

The appointment at the Portico d’Ottavia was therefore an opportunity to affirm that “Absolute respect for every human being and opposition to any form of discrimination does not allow for exceptions” Michetti stressed. And therefore, “anyone who does not respect these principles will not be a simple colleague who thinks differently from me, but by far my worst enemy to fight”.


great homeland feeling

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