The new school year in Milan, the administrator: “In Milanese schools you only work with the Green Pass”

The new school year in Milan, the administrator: “In Milanese schools you only work with the Green Pass”
The new school year in Milan, the administrator: “In Milanese schools you only work with the Green Pass”

“We have prepared ourselves to start a very large and complex machine: going back to class is an achievement. There has been a long and shared work: we have treasured past experiences, experimented with new things and sometimes, perhaps, even made wrong choices. , but we hope to have put in place a system that can work “. The director of the territorial school office, Yuri Coppi, evaluates the situation in the light of the progress of the vaccination campaign, “which saw young people among the categories that responded best, with great responsibility”, and the work done in recent months both ” to ensure safety and to bring the highest possible number of teachers into the classroom from the first day “and look to the debut with confidence:” There are the conditions for starting the school year as normal as possible. The boys, in Milan, they can go back to school in peace “.

Superintendent, what year will it be?
“The year in which the school resumes functioning as before, because the integrated digital teaching is definitively abandoned and back in the classroom. the plan works. Some sacrifices are necessary to regain normality. “

Among the rules is the obligation of a Green Pass for staff. Were there any critical issues?
“No, in no school. An official survey has not been conducted and school principals are not required to communicate the suspensions, but they would have warned us. There have been no resignations or blatant protests, although some people, waiting to be in compliance , they preferred to take leave or leave “.

How many are they?
“There is no data, it is a matter of a few situations in which the manager reported personnel who, having received the first dose of the vaccine, chose these solutions to wait the 15 days”.

There are those who get the Green Pass by swabbing. Can it become a problem in the long run?
“There is a bit of concern. Taking a swab every two days requires great commitment, but it is a matter of personal choices. The important thing is that they do not compromise the functionality of the system. In Milanese schools you only work with the Green Pass” .

The obligation for parents, however?
“It is a measure consistent with what has been foreseen so far, which requires the adoption of an” organizational pact “with families to manage the various situations. It is clear, however, that no one will be left behind, the critical issues will be addressed”.

To bring everyone back to class, you can derogate from one meter distance. Is it a risk you are willing to take?
“It is certainly a risk and in a reality as large as Milan some critical issues may occur, but the whole of society has started up again and schools cannot stand aside. Where it is not possible to respect the distance, a series of measures are adopted. prevention, such as masks, sanitation and frequent air exchange. Measures which, together with those envisaged for transport, ensure that even in those situations you can stay at school with peace of mind “.

Last year some superiors welcomed half of the students, now they are back in full force. Is it a risk?
“We met with Ats and with the managers, we made surveys on spaces and critical situations, but I believe that now it is the ability to enforce the rules that makes the difference”.

What do you wish the students who return to class today?
“To start a happy school year, in which they can leave behind the tension and worry of the last two. I hope they can return to live peacefully and enjoy their youth and that they can study and also have fun”.

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