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Bottas on show, where did Verstappen want to go?

Bottas on show, where did Verstappen want to go?
Bottas on show, where did Verstappen want to go?

Perfect race! He didn’t do anything wrong by burning Verstappen at the start and putting a brake on him as a reminder of the good times in Red Bull. And then he deserves 11 because he forced everyone on the podium to drink champagne from his sweaty shoe!

From last to third, 14 overtakes and an unexpected comeback from someone like him. If he had started in front where he deserved to be instead of in line for the engine penalty, he would have won easy because he had more than all. Until yesterday he was called the “butler” but in Monza he became the master of the house.

Off the podium for two seconds but with a race that he himself called one of his best ever in F1. He fought, overtook, deluded and convinced. Had he had a Ferrari a bit faster on the straight …

Dull and embarrassed all weekend, he had a burst of pride in his duel with Verstappen by closing the gate by trade until Max, out of desperation, jumped on top of his head!

The crash is his fault. Where did he want to go? Hamilton had closed the gate and he still tried to go around the outside where there was no more asphalt but only the curb that made him take off. He has not yet understood that sometimes you have to resign yourself and put your foot up. It deserves the penalty of 3 places on the grid.



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