Mottarone cable car, open investigation for kidnapping

Mottarone cable car, open investigation for kidnapping
Mottarone cable car, open investigation for kidnapping

Tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, la Prosecutor of Pavia, according to what is learned from legal sources, has opened an investigation for kidnapping in relation to the case of the little Eitan Biran, the only five-year-old boy who survived the accident in which his parents, grandparents and brother died. The child was in Italy, entrusted to his paternal aunt Aya Biran Nirko, who is his guardian, and yesterday he was taken to Israel by his maternal grandfather.

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The little survivor is found at the center of a legal battle between his uncles for his custody, with the mother’s sister accusing the sister of the child’s father of having “held him hostage in Italy”. Yesterday the Israeli broadcaster N12 spoke of suspected kidnapping, as the child was “brought to Israel without the consent of his family in Italy.” The family in Italy would, according to N12, have filed a kidnapping report with the police. grandfather Shmuel Peleg had come to see his nephew but he was supposed to take Eitan back to Aya Biram, the aunt who is also the child’s guardian. The grandfather didn’t come back and cut off contact with Eitan’s aunt until he sent a message : “Eitan is back home ”.

The Israeli embassy in Rome “is following the case closely, we are gathering information and we are following all developments”a spokesman told Adnkronos. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has meanwhile announced that it is “verifying the information” relating to the alleged kidnapping of the child. Grandfather, Shmulik Peleg, had moved to Italy after the tragedy. To write it is the Jerusalem Post.

The aunt in Italy: “Very serious, another tragedy for Eitan”

” Yesterday a very serious event took place, another tragedy for Eitan ”. Aya Biran Nirko, Eitan’s aunt and guardian, says so. ” Eitan, as planned, was taken by his maternal grandfather Shmuel for a day in the company of his grandparents – he says – He left the house with only his summer clothes, the walker and the pram. Telling his cousins ​​’see you tonight’ and promising to buy them a toy too when he goes to the toy store with his grandparents. He also asked when his new school computer will be ready. Like every other visit he had in recent months ”.

His aunt continues: “Since his discharge at home on 10 June 2021, Eitan has been followed by a multidisciplinary team: oss, nurses, physiatrist and physiotherapists, as well as a psychotherapist who specializes in childhood trauma. months and the improvement in Eitan’s physical state, needs and needs have changed is currently supervised by a physiatrist, physiotherapist and psychotherapist and must undergo these therapies regularly for his own good. He has to undergo hospital check-ups this week. “

Yesterday ” Eitan never went home. His cousins ​​who were waiting for him for dinner and to share the day with him are worried, they don’t understand why Eitan has not returned home. His bed is empty, his games and clothes, his new desk, his new school backpack, notebooks, pencil case and books ready to start school tomorrow, ” continues the child’s aunt.

” In the last week she already had her first day in first grade, together with her cousin, in the very same section. They spent a week of induction at the school, with laboratory activities – he adds – Eitan was enrolled in school by his parents, in January 2020, in the same institution where he attended the last year of kindergarten. Most of his first section is made up of his kindergarten classmates. ”

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