Massacre of Mottarone, the little Eitan brought to Israel by his maternal grandfather already condemned for mistreatment by his ex-wife. The prosecutor is investigating for kidnapping

Massacre of Mottarone, the little Eitan brought to Israel by his maternal grandfather already condemned for mistreatment by his ex-wife. The prosecutor is investigating for kidnapping
Massacre of Mottarone, the little Eitan brought to Israel by his maternal grandfather already condemned for mistreatment by his ex-wife. The prosecutor is investigating for kidnapping

The Pavia Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for kidnapping in the case of Eitan Biran, the six-year-old child, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, who his maternal grandparents brought to Israel, taking him away from his aunt Aya who is also his legal guardian . He would have been transferred from Italy to Israel on a private flight, according to some informed sources heard by the AGI. The little boy, who in the cable car accident of last May 23, in which 14 people died, lost both his parents, his little brother and great-grandparents who had come to visit him in Italy, and has been at the center of a custody battle for months. legal.

Eitan is an “Italian citizen”

Eitan is an “Italian citizen, Pavia is his home where he grew up, we are waiting for him at home, we are very worried about his health,” said Aya Biran, the little boy’s paternal aunt in tears. Speaking to the press for the first time after his grandson was brought to Israel yesterday by his maternal grandfather, he added: “With this unilateral and very serious move by the Peleg family, I see it as my duty to emphasize to the Israeli authorities what is already known to the Italian legal system, again for Eitan’s well-being: his maternal grandfather, Shmuel Peleg, was convicted of mistreating his ex-wife, his maternal grandmother ».

Uncles in Israel: acted for his own good, it is not kidnapping
And in an interview with Israeli Radio 103, Gali Peleg, the child’s maternal aunt, who was brought to Israel by his grandfather, despite a judge having entrusted him to his paternal aunt in Italy, said: «I am only speaking to clarify that we have acted for the good of Eitan. We did not kidnap him and we will not use that word, we took him home and we had to do it because we had no news about his health and mental condition ». “Eitan – he added – screamed with emotion when he saw us and said” I’m finally in Israel “”. «He has not ceased to get excited – he continued – and to say that we are his real family. He said he felt in the clouds. The color on his face has finally returned ».

The aunt-guardian: the grandfather ignored the order to hand over the passport
From Italy, Eitan’s paternal aunt and legal guardian told reporters that “the judge’s order, my requests and requests to the Peleg family’s lawyers were ignored”, the paternal aunt and legal guardian of Eitan always told reporters. Eitan. The Court of Pavia, he added, had ordered “the Peleg family to deliver to me by 30 August” the Israeli passport of the child “who was in possession, for reasons not clear, of the maternal grandfather”. The paternal family has now also appointed a “protector, the lawyer Barbara Bertoni, to ensure greater protection”.

The aunt underlined that «since his discharge at home on 10 June 2021, Eitan has been followed by a multidisciplinary team: oss, nurses, physiatrist and physiotherapists, as well as a psychotherapist who specializes in childhood trauma. Gradually, as the months went by and Eitan’s physical condition improved, the needs and requirements changed. Eitan is currently being followed by a physiatrist, physiotherapist and psychotherapist and must undergo these therapies regularly for his own good. He has to undergo hospital check-ups this week ”.

The aunt then recalled that Eitan “was enrolled in the school by his parents, in January 2020, in the same institution where he attended the last year of kindergarten” and tomorrow he should have “started” elementary school, after having already passed “A week of insertion” in that institute in Pavia. “His cousins ​​- said Aya Biran – who were waiting for him yesterday for dinner are worried, his bed is empty, his games and clothes left behind, his new desk, his new backpack, notebook, pencil case, books ready for start the school year tomorrow ». Pavia, the woman repeated, “is his city of life, he arrived in Italy at the age of 1 month and 18 days, he is an Italian citizen, not just an Israeli”.

Israeli Foreign Ministry: We are verifying the information
Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Ministry has announced that it is “verifying the information” relating to the alleged kidnapping of little Eitan. To write it is the Jerusalem Post.

The reactions of the lawyers
“We are passive spectators and victims of a very serious event that occurred last night,” said Armando Simbari, lawyer of Aya Biran Nirko, tutor of Eitan Biran -. Eitan’s maternal grandfather took advantage of these periodic meetings that had been authorized by the tutelary judge, meetings that we had absolutely and warmly wanted and favored precisely in the interest of the child so that he could find familiar warmth on all sides, unfortunately they took advantage of them to organize a blitz, an expedition of the child to Israel, in contravention of all possible orders of the Italian judicial authority which had inhibited the expatriation of the minor. They took advantage of it to kidnap him ».

“I learned this news this morning, it was a cold shower, I only deal with the compensation of the damage, I had advised against waging this war on the skin of the child” declared the lawyer Franz Sarno, legal only on the front of compensation for damages for the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car of Shmuel Peleg, the maternal grandfather of little Eitan, accused of the alleged kidnapping.

And, from what has been learned from the lawyers, including the lawyer Sara Carsaniga, who assist the maternal family in civil matters, including the grandfather who yesterday brought the child to Israel, for next October 22 it had already been set, before the Juvenile Court of Milan, a hearing to discuss the complaint presented by the maternal family of little Eitan, against the appointment as legal guardian of the paternal aunt of the 5-year-old child.

The Jewish community of Milan: the grandfather wanted to force
“Milan has learned with dismay the news of the kidnapping of little Eitan and expresses a strong condemnation of this very serious act that violates Italian and international laws”: so said the president of the Milanese Jewish community Milo Hasbani. “The hope – he added – is that the matter will be resolved as soon as possible in the direction of compliance with the decision of the Juvenile Court”.

“The family is moving with the Italian authorities, Eitan’s aunt, Aya is out and about,” said the president of the Jewish community in Milan, who also heard from Eitan’s family this morning. Milo Hasbani spoke with Aya’s husband, Nirko, who explained how they acted with the authorities, “also with the Italian embassy in Israel to understand what to do”. “According to Aya, the child grew up here, the father’s will was to have a life in Italy – he observed – but his wife’s parents have always said that he had to grow up in Israel”. The deal was that they would come and see him every now and then. “From time to time they saw each other” and for Israel this is a period of holidays, with the Jewish New Year in recent days. Nothing strange then, until the grandparents took Eitan and instead of bringing him back to his aunt «they sent a message saying ‘the child is back home’. They wanted to force, ”Hasbani commented. «What the community can do, for one and the other – he concluded – is to be available, it does not take a position. It is the judge who has taken a stand ».

The tragedy last May 23
On May 23, Eitan boarded a cable car for the first time. A trip with the family to see Lake Maggiore from above. A cabin collapsed in the woods: 14 victims, including his parents, Amit and Tal, little brother Tom, great-grandparents Beatrice and Itshak. He, the only survivor, was transported to the Regina Margherita pediatric hospital in Turin, discharged after fourteen days in intensive care in which he fought for his life, then finding himself at the center of a real war. On the one hand, aunt Aya Biran, father’s sister, appointed guardian first by the Turin court and then by that of Pavia, where the child resided. But three months after the tragedy, the maternal branch of the family, which lives in Israel, filed a petition for custody of the child.

Already last August the maternal aunt Gali Peri, in an interview, had claimed custody of the child claiming that Eitan found herself in Italy “in a family that did not know him, which previously had not been close to him in any way” and immediately afterwards he added that the “little one was a hostage” and would have to return to Israel. Gali and her husband Ron Peri also announced that they had instructed their lawyer, Ronen Dlayahu, to request the adoption of the child, so that he could grow up in Israel “as his mother would have liked.”

The mayor of Stresa: embittered, Eitan uprooted
«Eitan arrived in Italy when he was just one month old and grew up here. After the trauma he had suffered, he was slowly regaining some balance. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth to know that it has been eradicated from its fixed points. ‘ The mayor of Stresa, Marcella Severino, thus intervened on the matter. “A month ago I spoke to the baby’s aunt, Aya, and I knew she was worried. I hope this situation can be resolved quickly, for the good of the child. “

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