McLaren show, Leclerc outdoes himself. Verstappen and Hamilton hurt each other – OA Sport

McLaren show, Leclerc outdoes himself. Verstappen and Hamilton hurt each other – OA Sport
McLaren show, Leclerc outdoes himself. Verstappen and Hamilton hurt each other – OA Sport

The Italian Grand Prix, the fourteenth round of the 2021 Formula One World Championship, will be talked about for a long time. On the Monza track we witnessed the splendid victory of Daniel Ricciardo, and the double for McLaren but, also and above all, the sensational accident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. On a historical track like the one in Brianza, several important stories have been written today. Let’s go, therefore, to deliver the report cards of the Italian race.


DANIEL RICCIARDO 10: flawless. Perfect. Inexorable. The Australian showed today that he has not forgotten that he is the champion he has always proved himself to be. At the start he starts from the “dirty” side of the straight, but puts Max Verstappen at the first chicane and immediately takes command of operations. From that moment on, he didn’t miss a thing, he proceeds at an excellent pace and avoids trouble. In the final part he manages the car and tires and scores a victory that rehabilitates him after difficult months. What an answer!

LANDO NORRIS 8.5: very happy in the final radio team and on the podium, but not having taken the victory, the one that brings McLaren back to the top step of the podium after almost 9 years, burns a bit. The 1999 class knew they had a great chance today and, as often happens, they don’t miss it. He takes an exceptional second place and, it should be remembered, he is already on the fifth podium in his career. Overtaking Charles Leclerc in the Curva Grande deserves a standing ovation.

VALTTERI BOTTAS 7: an average between 9 of the splendid comeback he staged in the first part of the race (he started last on the grid), and 5 for the highlight. After the post-Safety Car restart he had a formidable W12 in his hands and, above all, the medium tires while everyone had the hard ones. He can only overcome Charles Leclerc, wasting a truly gluttonous opportunity by remaining in the wake of Sergio Perez without ever sinking the blow. Wasteful!

CHARLES LECLERC 7.5: it has an SF21 that gives 20 horsepower to rivals and, on a track like Monza, it means “racing in defense”. Despite this, he does not give up an inch and gives everything he has available. He closes in fourth position and confirms that he is a superior rider despite the difficulties. Tenacious!

SERGIO PEREZ 5.5: closes in a bitter fifth place, but his Sunday was already ruined in Friday’s qualifying. Today he makes a good first part of the race and, after the Safety Car, he sets out on the hunt for McLarens. To do so, however, he overtakes Charles Leclerc by cutting the Variante della Roggia and takes a 5-second penalty. Heavy mistake that affects the Mexican’s race. Wretch!

CARLOS SAINZ 6: like the position in which it arrives at the finish line. He suffers and gives everything he has. Today we couldn’t ask for much more from the Spaniard, especially after the “bang” of yesterday’s FP2.

MAX VERSTAPPEN 5: at the start he is burned by Daniel Ricciardo and realizes that his dream of catching up and running away will be put on file. He tries to overtake the Australian but fails given the sensational speed on the straight of the McLarens, so he hopes for a tire change. Misconception. The team makes him lose almost 10 seconds and his race goes uphill. Then comes the wheel-to-wheel with Lewis Hamilton at the first chicane and also the “bang”. A mistake to share with English? It will be up to the jury to decide. He certainly closes his race prematurely, but leaving Monza with 2 points more than Lewis Hamilton makes him really satisfied …

LEWIS HAMILTON 5.5: race and weekend to forget. He had to, and could, make a full booty in Monza given the level of his Mercedes, instead he goes away with a handful of flies. Today he has to face a strategy that sees him on hard tires and hopes for the second part of the race, but he fails to make himself the protagonist. When everything seems to go in his direction, even Brackley’s team makes him lose a couple of seconds at the pit stop and finds himself in the jaws of Max Verstappen. We know the result …

ANTONIO GIOVINAZZI 5: protagonist of an excellent start in which he even goes to the assault of the Ferraris. He makes a mistake at the Variante della Roggia, he returns recklessly and ends up against the protective barriers. Another occasional throw to the nettles. If he had to give an answer to his team …

Photo: Lapresse

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