From Bechis to Capezzone, here is the Italy of the conservatives – Il Tempo

From Bechis to Capezzone, here is the Italy of the conservatives – Il Tempo
From Bechis to Capezzone, here is the Italy of the conservatives – Il Tempo

Federica Pascale

September 12, 2021

The event organized by the conservative think tank Nazione Futura begins on the terrace of the luxurious hotel The Hive in the Esquiline. A “movement of ideas” that aims to facilitate the political-cultural debate, to aggregate on the basis of common values ​​and ideals, to promote culture. Many topics covered and many important guests invited to do so. The parterre is surprisingly young and indisputably interested in listening.

It is September 11, the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers. Impossible not to start, therefore, with a minute of silence to commemorate the victims. There follows a discussion on the future of the West introduced by Davide Gabriele and moderated by David Mazzerelli between the president of the scientific committee of Nazione Futura, Corrado Ocone, and the professor and political scientist Giovanni Orsina.

After that, Pasquale Ferraro, head of the movement’s online newspaper, introduces a hateful topic, taxes, and Alessandro Aragona introduces to discuss it the director of “Il Tempo”, Franco Bechis, the columnist and journalist of “La Verità”, Daniele Capezzone , and the president of ANPIT Federico Iadicicco. “There is no room for a real tax reform” says Bechis while Capezzone defines “tax hell” what Italian companies often have to relocate to survive.

In the intense lineup there is also a space dedicated to women who deal with politics, and this is an opportunity to talk about the book “La donna s’è right” by Francesco Maria Del Vigo, deputy director of “Il Giornale”, and Domenico Ferrara, Deputy Head of “”. There follows a dialogue on the role of conservatives and identities in Europe between Daniele Dell’Orco, editor of the magazine “Nazione Futura”, and the young and highly trained president of Nazione Futura, Francesco Giubilei, recently appointed to the Scientific Committee on the future of Europe Government.

At the end of the afternoon, the vice president of the think tank, Ferrante De Benedictis, moderates a discussion on the future of the family and Christian values ​​in an increasingly globalized world. A heroic attempt to defend all this is witnessed by the deputy secretary of the League, Lorenzo Fontana, former Minister for the family and disability in the now distant yellow-green government. A government figure that had a short life, as it was promptly canceled by the next executive. The deputy director of “La Verità”, Francesco Borgonovo, author of the book “The gender regime”, and the Brothers of Italy MEP Nicola Procaccini also spoke on the subject.

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