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Covid Milan and Lombardy bulletin, today’s data Sunday 12 September

Covid Milan and Lombardy bulletin, today’s data Sunday 12 September
Covid Milan and Lombardy bulletin, today’s data Sunday 12 September

The daily monitoring of the trend of the covid pandemic in Italy and in the Lombardy region continues.

With 48,882 swabs performed, the number of new positive cases registered in Lombardy is 499, with a percentage slightly decreasing to 1%. There is also a slight increase in hospitalized patients, who are 60 in intensive care (+1) and 412 in the other wards (+10).

Three deaths, bringing the total to 33,953. As regards the provinces, 147 positive were reported in Milan, in Brescia 59, in Varese 39, in Monza 34, in Bergamo and Lodi 24, in Pavia 19, in Mantua 17, in Lecco 15, in Como 13, in Cremona 10 and in Sondrio 5.

In Lombardy, visits to relatives in the RSA with green pass

Green pass in Lombardy to hospital entrances for relatives of hospitalized people, provided they take place during the day, one person at a time and for a maximum of 45 minutes. This is what is reported by a resolution of the council, made known to all the public and private Ats, Asst and Irccs, by the Welfare Directorate-General of the Region.

As for the carers of patients who access the emergency rooms, they will be allowed to stay in the waiting rooms, but only if they have a green pass. The access of a companion is also allowed for scheduled outpatient visits, also in this case only if with certification. The access ban will continue in the Covid hospitalization areas.

The document also states that staff working in sensitive contexts, for example in close contact with immunosuppressed or dialysed patients, even if equipped with a green pass, must carry out a control swab every 15 days. For those who do not work in these contexts, swab screening must take place every 30 days.

According to the resolution, access to the RSA of family members must take place, a maximum of two people at a time and only if you have a green pass. The ‘green certificate’ is also required for caregivers or inpatient support staff. Visits are not allowed for covid-positive patients, except in end-of-life cases.

For new RSA patients, an entry buffer, a ten-day quarantine and, if they are not already vaccinated, also the start of the vaccination cycle will be required. Guests who are allowed to leave the residential structure temporarily can continue to do so without isolation measures upon returning, only if they have a green pass.

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