Sudden deaths Two hundred cases a year

Sudden deaths Two hundred cases a year
Sudden deaths Two hundred cases a year

Sudden deaths

Two hundred cases a year

After the disappearance of the police inspector Bajardo and the young woman from Poggi

Sudden and (perhaps) avoidable deaths: it is necessary to inform about the symptoms that herald them, but also to carry out screening capable of predicting them.

In the last period, the province of Sondrio has had to deal with premature and difficult to explain disappearances, a few days ago the death (perhaps from a heart attack, but in the absence of a diagnosis it is impossible to establish with certainty) of Stefano Bajardo, a 55-year-old policeman without previous known health problems, and two weeks ago to lose her life while walking in Poggiridenti was Elisa Molinari, just 19 years old and, apparently, with previous pathologies.

In the hundredth place

These are the most striking cases that have shaken Valtellina, but certainly not the only ones, and it is inevitable to reflect on a problem, that of sudden deaths, which really affects the province of Sondrio very closely, especially in reference to men. According to data provided by Istat, the preventable mortality indicator referred to 2018 (latest available) which refers to the deaths of people under 75 years of age that could be reduced thanks to interventions to improve the adequacy and accessibility of healthcare , and thanks to the spread of healthier lifestyles and the reduction of environmental risk factors, in Italy it was equal to 17 deaths per 10 thousand residents, with much higher values ​​among men (22.5 per 10 thousand inhabitants against 11.9 of women).

And Sondrio has a value of 19.7 deaths for every ten thousand inhabitants, but if for women the figure is 12.1, it is worrying that of men, equal to 27.5.

A number, that relating to avoidable deaths among men, which places the province of Sondrio in the unenviable hundredth place in Italy out of 106 provinces.

“These deaths are about 60 thousand a year in Italy, in Valtellina and Valchiavenna it is estimated to be just under 200 a year – comments Dr. Gianfranco Cucchi, a cardiologist from Sondria -. It would be useful to keep a register of sudden deaths, on a par with what exists for cancer. By studying the anamnesis of the deceased and making cards for each of them, the dynamics could be better understood ». Sudden deaths, we said, and even avoidable deaths. But how?

«We must inform people so that they are aware of the warning symptoms – says Dr. Cucchi -, so that they can recognize them and allow them to intervene in time. In addition, tests and screenings that can recognize pathologies, often congenital, that could lead to death are also fundamental ”.

In this sense, autopsies on the bodies of those who have suddenly lost their lives, especially at a young age, can also help.


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