Italian GP, ​​the Sunday of the race: LIVE from Monza between 2pm and 6pm. Jacobs and Bolt in the paddock

Italian GP, ​​the Sunday of the race: LIVE from Monza between 2pm and 6pm. Jacobs and Bolt in the paddock
Italian GP, ​​the Sunday of the race: LIVE from Monza between 2pm and 6pm. Jacobs and Bolt in the paddock

Italian GP, ​​the Sunday of the race: LIVE from Monza between 2pm and 6pm. Jacobs and Bolt in the paddock

The traffic lights go off at 3 pm, then the Grand Prix starts and marks the (partial) return of the public. Verstappen on pole, Hamilton fourth. Tokyo Olympians in the paddock

Everything is ready for the Italian GP, ​​in the edition of the return of the public, albeit at 50% of the capacity. The Ferraris are chasing, Verstappen is in front of everyone. Hamilton fourth, chasing on the track but also in the World Championship. After the unprecedented Sprint race on Saturday won by Bottas, last position for the Finn from Mercedes, for having changed the engine.

15.38 – Disastrous tire change for Red Bull: over 11 seconds for Verstappen

15.37 – In radio communications, Verstappen says colorfully that his tires are gone

15.36 – Ricciardo stops: 2.4 at the tire change, which puts it hard

15.35 – Bottas unleashed: now he is eighth behind Sainz. Stroll also skipped

15.34 – Verstappen’s error that goes long in the first variant and loses on Ricciardo

15.32 – Hamilton’s margin over Leclerc dropped to less than three seconds. The first six, including Perez, run below 1.26

15.28 – Almost 45 degrees on the asphalt, when the first third of the race has gone. Bottas in the meantime has climbed up to ninth position

15.26 – Again a wheel to wheel, this time between Ocon and Vettel, who tried to overtake him for the 12th position

15.24 – At this stage, Norris’s margin over Hamilton seems to have stabilized, but he runs on hard rubber

15.22 – Just over 7 seconds gap between Leclerc, with the first of the two Ferraris, and the lead

15.21 – Failed the first overtaking attempt at the end of the straight, impossible to propose it to the Canal

15.20 – Hamilton has reached Norris

15.18 – After 9 laps, Verstappen accumulates a second from Ricciardo, Norris behind another 2.6 seconds, with Hamilton just under a second. Leclerc fifth, Sainz seventh

15.16 – Beautiful duel between Sainz and Perez, with the latter checking it out at the Seraglio and gaining sixth position

15.14 – Decided 5 penalty points for Giovinazzi for the impact with Sainz. A decision that does not all agree

15.13 – There are 18 cars in the race, without Tsunoda and Gasly. Between Ricciardo and Verstappen 7 tenths of a gap

15.12 – Sainz “under investigation” for the contact that was fatal to Giovinazzi. Despite the Verstappen-Hamilton wheel against wheel, everything goes smoothly between the two duelists for the World Championship

15.11 – Mattia Binotto on Sky just before the start: «It is very nice to be back in Monza with our fans in the temple of speed. We hope as soon as possible to experience emotions like those of 2019. Podium possible dream? Our goal is to dream and give dreams, until the checkered flag we will do our best ». Leclerc and Sainz started from the third row and «is our value today. I’m happy with the third row, even if you can’t be happy in a general sense – Binotto admitted to Sky Sport’s microphones – But yesterday Leclerc and Sainz were sick, for this reason starting fifth and sixth can be discreet ». And on the strategy linked to the tires: «A stop for everyone, first average and then hard I think. Maybe someone can use the soft, but the logic tells us medium-hard. Then it will be a question of managing the tires, keeping them in the first race and then finding them fresh ».

15.10 – Giovinazzi really unfortunate, touched in the rear by Sainz

15.09 – Bottas also goes up, taking a lot of effort to pass Kubica on the straight with his Alfa Romeo

15.08- Ricciardo, Verstappen, Norris, Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz: these are the first positions

15.07 – Virtual safety car

15.05 – Incredible departure of Ricciardo, who gains the first position on Verstappen. Hamilton also starts well, who is at the doors with Verstappen and goes a long way. He crashes Giovinazzi, who resumes the race but with the damaged car

03.03 – Everything is ready for departure

14.59 – Single-seaters lined up, ready for the reconnaissance lap. Last year’s winner, Gasly, queued up next to Tsunoda with car problems. After all, also Bottas, winner of the sprint race, for having replaced the engine

14.57 – Former footballers Shevchenko, Candela and Totti were also present

14.52 – Among the other guests of Monza, the actor Vin Diesel and the influencer Khabi Lame

14.46 – Great suggestion, like every year, for the passage of the tricolor arrows on the straight. In conjunction with the Hymn of Mameli, played by the fanfare of the Guardia di Finanza

14.33 – But even in Ferrari they are no less. That the home race creates expectations is perfectly perceived WATCH THE VIDEO

14.30 – Meanwhile, the engines warm up in the pits. This is that of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. And even the stands light up. WATCH THE VIDEO

14.27 – It was known that it is the Temple of speed: Formula 1, the Frecce tricolori. Then Marcell Jacobs with Fabrizio Tortu and the other Tokyo golds. Now in the paddock, as a guest of Aston Martin, also Usain Bolt

14.15 Antonio Giovinazzi, Italian driver of the Alfa Romeo Racing team gave autographed caps to the Tokyo Olympic champions. The Apulian driver is a friend of Filippo Tortu. “He made us have fun and dream. Everyone has done something amazing they are an example for me and all the Italians »says the Alfista to the microphones of Sky Sport24. “I was rooting for him and then we met, he’s a very good driver,” says the Italian sprinter, Olympic champion of the 4x100m.

14.10 – In the largely empty grandstands, the echo of all the surrounding races that characterized this long approach to the start of Formula 1 also resounds. WATCH THE VIDEO

The space left empty after the removal of the historic tram of the Amici of the racetrack and of the Park

14.05 – After 10 thousand spectators on Friday, on Saturday there were 16 thousand attendances. Compared to the forecasts of 18-19 thousand presences for Sunday, in Sias they said they were confident of exceeding 21 thousand

14.00 – Everything is ready for departure at the racetrack, which will take place in an hour. Vehicular underpasses closed to pedestrians from 10am. The gold medals of Tokyo, the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò and Michelle Hunziker present in the paddock.


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